54-feet Durga idol in Isamia Bazar, Hyderabad for Navratri 2015 (Biggest Durga Mata in India)

Isamia Bazar Durga Mata Hyderabad image 7

Isamia Bazar Durga Mata Hyderabad image 7

54-feet Durga idol is installed in Isamia Bazar, Hyderabad for Navaratri 2015. Navratri Durga Puja has begun on October 13 and will end on October 22 with Durga immersion (Visarjan / Nimajjanam).

The giant idol is installed in TV Hotel Lane at Isamia Bazar. This Durga Pandal is run under the administration of Navadurga Utsava Committee, Isamia Bazar near Kothi in Hyderabad.

The culture of erecting and installing mammoth idols was for Ganesh Chaturthi festival in Hyderabad till now. Now, its spread to Durga Navratri celebrations too..

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  1. Shiv Sharma says:

    I personally think its a stupidity to do Visrajan of any type of Murtis, correct me if I am wrong. It never happened before then y now . I have not read in any book till today which says to do visarjan, but if it does say then please name the book , chapter or verse. Indians in India have started that a decade or two ago and now the fools have followed them throughout the world. I totally condemn the immersion of idol, the few main reasons are that its not environmentally clean, idols made of tuff materials are being kicked by people in the sea, one can see heaps of murtis lying on the coast which shows disrespect for one ethnic society and so forth . I urge authorities to please stop this nonsense.