Secunderabad Ujjaini Mahankali Temple Dasara Navaratri 2020

Ujjaini Mahankali Temple Secunderabad

Ujjaini Mahankali Temple Secunderabad

In Secunderabad Ujjaini Mahankali Temple, Navaratri celebrations are the second biggest festival after Bonalu. In 2020, Devi Sharan Navaratri begins on October 17 and ends on 25 October with Vijayadashami Dasara Pooja.

On each day of Devi Navaratri, Mahankali Mata is worshipped in different form of Shakti. Nitya Chandi Homam, Pushpa Alankara Seva, Purnahuti Homam, Lalitasahasranamarchana, Kumkumarchana, etc are the special pujas performed during Navratri days.

Ujjaini Mahankali Mata Temple is one of the temples in Twin-cities of Secunderabad and Hyderabad. Detailed information about Alankarams list and other Special Pujas and programs will be updated soon.

Schedule of Dasara Navaratri Alankarams 2020

17 October 2020 – Balatripurasundari Devi Alanakaram Darshanam

18 October 2020 – Gayatri Devi Alanakaram Darshanam

19 October 2020 – Rajarajeshwari Devi Alanakaram Darshanam

20 October 2020 – Bhavani Devi Alanakaram Darshanam

21 October 2020 – Durga Devi Alanakaram Darshanam

22 October 2020 – Saraswati Devi Alanakaram Darshanam

23 October 2020 – Gajalakshmi Alanakaram Darshanam

24 October 2020 – Mahishasuramardhini Devi Alanakaram Darshanam | Purnahuti

25 October 2020 – Mahakali Devi Alanakaram Darshanam | Dasara

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