15 Vinayaka Nimajjanam spots in Visakhapatnam

15 Vinayaka Nimajjanam spots in Visakhapatnam are identified by the city police. The 15 spots for nimajjanam on the beach from Bheemunipatnam to Mutyalammapalem. The spots include Bheemunipatnam, Rushikonda, Sagar Nagar, Jodugudlapalem, Fishing Harbour, Yarada, Appikonda, RK Beach, Naval Coast Battery, Gandhi Statue near NCB, Jetty 11 in Fishing Harbour, Women’s Hostel, Viswapriya Function Hall, Gokul Park, and Mutyalammapalem.

Elaborate arrangements will be made by the police and over 200 expert swimmers, provided by the Fisheries Department, will be present at the spots on the designated immersion dates.

This apart for the Ganesh puja that begins in Friday, the Police Department is beefing up its patrolling network.

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