15 May 2012, Hanuman Jayanti in Andhra Pradesh (Today)

Today, 15 May 2012 is Hanuman Jayanti in Andhra Pradesh. It falls on Tenth day of Krishna Paksha of Vaishakha Masam (Vaishakha Bahula Dasami). It also marks the end of 41-day Hanuman Deeksha (Mandala Deeksha) in Andhra Pradesh. It begins on Chaitra Purnima and concludes today.

In 2012, it is even more auspicious as it falls on Tuesday (Mangalvar) which is favorite day for Hanuman.

Chaitra Purnima is also celebrated as Hanuman Jayanti in Hyderabad and some other places of AP. In fact Chaitra Purnima is celebrated as Hanuman Vijayotsavam.

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  1. Saubhadra says:

    how to deeksha for hanuman jayanthi in ap