11 June 2011, Ganga Dussehra ends

Ganga Dushera or Ganga Dussehra is an important 10-day festival dedicated to Goddess Ganga (River Ganga). In 2011, Ganga Dussehra has begun on June 2 and ends today (11 June 2011). It is celebrated in Jyeshta month, from Shukla Paksha Pratipada to Shukla Paksha Dasami.

Ganga Dussehra was mentioned in many Puranas and many other Holy Scriptures. There are two Dussehra festivals – one comes in Ashwin month (Navratri Dussehra) and the second one is Ganga Dussehra. Ganga Pujan, Ganga Aarti, Punya snan in Ganga River are the main rituals of the day.

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  1. River Ganga says:

    Last year i was celebrating this festival..What I like most to see is floating Flames in River..Thousands of leaf boats laden with flames , flowers, and sweet are offered to the rive..While they flow in water ,on bank on river the sounds of the bells and bhajans, kirtans and shlokas makes the environment fully Holly..