Why Lord Ganesha idol is immersed in water | Reasons behind Ganesh Immersion or Visarjan

Why Ganesh visarjan is performed? Why Lord Ganesh is immersed in water after Ganesh Utsav? Ganesh immersion, also known as Ganesh Jala nimajjan, is the most beautiful event of this festival. About the immersion reasons and factors, it is the perplexing question to answer.

There are some reasons related to both the Sanatana Hindu dharma and the environment. As per many Hindu scriptures, the clay idols of any God (we usually see the idols of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Durga) should be immersed after performing puja and worshipping for certain period.

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But nowadays the idols of Plaster of Paris are also immersed in water. We should immerse only the clay idols in water and not the idols made of other hazardous material like POP and other harmful chemicals.

There is another version of story Ganesh immersion and Durga Visarjan. To reserve fresh water of rainy season in ponds, lakes, tanks, and other water bodies, we need to dig out the old clay or soil in them. To show the accordance between environmental awareness and Hindu rituals, Ganesh idols are prepared with clay of tanks and ponds. But why the clay idols are immersed in the same water from where the artisans picked out the clay? The clay idol is worshipped with turmeric and some other natural herbs during the Ganpati Navratri. The herbal characters of these materials help the water animals like fish, tortoise, etc to grow well.

On the first day of Ganesh Utsav festival (Ganesh Chaturthi), Ganesh idol is installed in Mandap or houses. Installation of an idol is nothing but ‘Prana Prathista’ and ‘avahan’ of the particular God in to that. It symbolizes that Lord Ganesh is there in the idol during the festival and receiving our prayers, chants, and nivedanas. Other than her mother ‘Bhu mata’ (Mother Earth – Bhudevi is none other than Goddess Shakti), no one can bear the power and energy of Ganesha after Ganpati Navratri festival and to symbolize his udwasan (farewell) Ganesha idol is immersed in water. Thus, he goes back to his heavenly abode.

Ganesh festival is not only a Hindu ritual but also reminds us the protection of environment. As per the scriptures and traditions only clay idols are to be worshipped and immersed in water. Those who celebrate Ganesh festival in eco friendly manner and those who avoid immersion of eco-harmful and eco-hazardous material in water would be blessed with better health and better environment.

This is reply to a query posted by N V Bala – “Why Lord Ganesh is immersed – what is the significance of lord Ganesh being immersed?

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  1. rizvan mohmad says:

    Hii everyone my name is rizvan and i am a muslim. But it very sad to say that our religion does not have any proper ditection..we used to marry our sisters and and also allowed to have many wifes…..and our holy imam used to have sex with our wifes and sisters…..really shame on being Muslim……and Arab Muslim says that we all Indian Muslim are just like their slave we are not real Muslims…..and I feel so bad for this……

  2. Shimroz Khan says:

    Gentlemen, Meeting with our Lord is, after we die and are resurrected..However connecting with him in this life in a true sense will first require us to contemplate the reality of death and come to terms with our mortality..Once we make ourselves comfortable with the fact that we have to face death and the real life is the life of the H
    hereafter..then the revelation of our Lord will become crystal clear to us and we will live with that connection till we breathe our last…May Lord Almighty guide us all to his final & secure revelation…

  3. Basant vimal sharma. says:

    Why only ganesh why not others murtis the nirakar and sakar bullshit lord ganesh and lakshmi have no visarjan vidhi if you have any than proof it from the books not man made story

  4. Basant vimal sharma. says:

    Its not shastr vidhi a man made ritual shouting ganpatibappa moria celebrating chaturthi is auspicious but the visarjan is inauspicious and bad the clay or no clay why the visarjan give proof from the shastr not some man made story.

  5. Basant vimal sharma. says:

    Bullshit post by naveen sangala the made up clay story can he give proof that lord ganesh must mr thrown away which they call virarjan tell me where is the proof that the idol must be or it is compulsory the visarjan if any one replies to my comments than it must be from the shatras not some made up junk answer.the people throw the lord that prevents vighan badha then how can the devotees live in peace its sacrilege and bulldozers later load the idols and discard somewhere please celebrate chaturthi but refran from the visarjan part that same idol can be used for pooja again

  6. Gnana Sheela says:

    Ganesh Visarjan Significance :
    The Soul is formless (Nirguna) and unperishable which is embodied when manifested (Saguna).
    Ganesh symbolize both Para (Vedas/Worlds) and Apara (Vedanta/Upanishads) Vidhya.
    The embodiment is the process of combination of 5 elements (Panchikaranam). The gross element Earth make it visible and experienced though 5 senses. Body is the only media through which it is possible to gain any knowledge.
    Ganesh idol made of any earth element can be worshiped. The most auspicious is clay idol.
    Turmeric is free of any dhoshas due to its medicinal properties. It was made as custom to make Ganesh with turmeric during any puja.
    Visarjan on 11th Day:
    A human body consist of around 70% of water, cities develop around water bodies. Humanity depend on these water bodies for their survival.
    Number 11 is the symbolic representation of Duality. it is the Soul/Atma when embodied creates delusion of “One/Atma” separated as “Two/jiva & Brahman”. This is play of Maya (Shiva & Shakti/Prakrithi & Purusha/Arthanarishvara tatvam).
    In numerology the number 11 should not be added.
    The Ganesh idol that symbolize knowledge is immersed in water bodies for two reasons.
    1. To convey the message that the body which is combination of 5 elements is perishable. When the soul leaves the body all 5 elements are merged into Prakrithi/Nature.

    2. Ganesha set jiva free from delusion by providing knowledge required to remove ignorance. One gets enlightened by consuming the water in which idol is immersed. We get purified and blessed with both Para and Apara Vidhya.

  7. Kit Martell says:

    Haider Ali Okay let me try and explain it to you in another way. When you pray, you think of God and take his name, "Allah". Does it mean that God is only limited to the syllables of the word? NO. Does it imply that you are actually praying the word? NO.
    Does this imagery make you understand what I'm trying to say?
    Do read my original comment, then this one and try to get my point 🙂
    P.s: I didn't mention bowing to kabba at any point in time so..!

  8. Haider Ali says:

    My dear we do not bow down to Khana Kabba, situated in Mecca, but only honor the order of our supreme lord, Allah Subhan-o-Talla, who orders us to bow down in front of Khana Kabba, Mecca. Do yu see any muslim who carry a replica of Khana Kabba, Mecca, and then keep it in front of him or her in the time of prayer and then bows down to it.? No, not at all. Because it is forbidden 'Harram' to bow down in front of stone. The Mecca is just a symbol for obtaining unity among the muslim. We muslim bow down in front of mecca just in that particular place, Mecca, Saudi Arabia.
    And one thing else, Mecca is not the image of Allah nor it is not an idol.

  9. suhani says:

    Don’t pollute the environment by using non biodegradable materials. god is in nature. He is in the rivers and woods and all the other species that thrive in it. By polluting it we are polluting our own water air and environment!
    Please wake up!

  10. Kit Martell says:

    Owais Qarni: Of course not. Our God (well He's your God as well, coz to be honest, my God and your God are the same. we just give them different names, pray them differently. etc) is not an idol. The idol is just a means of channeling our devotion to God. We offer our respect and and worship the idol but at the end of the day, GOD is the one who's actually being respected and worshipped. Just the way muslims perform their prayers in the direction of the mecca. Would your prayers be void if you didn't pray in that particiular direction? I guess not. it's just a means to an end.

  11. Abhya Thakur says:

    Owais Qarni bhosdi ke suvar us terror manual (Quran) me aaga laga de madar chod us kutti kitaab ne duniya me logo ka jeena haraam kar rakha hai ….

  12. saquib hasan says:

    First of all i would like to apologise what owais qarni had said. Secondly mr satyajith i would like to tell you during the period of prophet Muhammad (PBUH) there are more than 300 idols in QABA which are placed by the leaders of different society. And after fateh makka it were all broken by our prophet Muhammad (PBUH) because it will be a shirk if we make idol and pray to him and our lord is only allah we only pray to him,So if you say the arabs are not good at idol malking just check out the history and plz don’t comment when you don’t know anything about any other religion

  13. Dear Brothers & sisters…The reason behind of ganapati immersed in water can be…We pray as idol worship (sagoon sakar) and when we immersed his murti in water it becomes (nirgun nirakar)..still ganapati is ther…to understand in a better way…wen we are awake (sagoon sakar) & in the night wen we go to sleep it's nirgun nirakar..hope u must hav understood.


  14. chetan says:

    Dear Brothers & sisters…The reason behind of ganapati immersed in water can be…We pray as idol worship (sagoon sakar) and when we immersed his murti in water it becomes (nirgun nirakar)..still ganapati is ther…to understand in a better way…wen we are awake (sagoon sakar) & in the night wen we go to sleep it’s nirgun nirakar..hope u must hav understood.


  15. Suji says:

    I made lord ganesha by Atta.so need to do visarjan? Aur why?

  16. Mr. Owais Qarni. .. There is no picture of Allah or prophet because Arabia the land where Islam religion was born was not having any good artist or thinkers that time and even now… The form given to any god is the artistic intelligence and creativity… It lacks in Arabia hence no pictures or idols of Allah.. but india ever since civilizations evolved was rich in culture heritage architecture artistic intelligence etc etc hence had a idol or picture for every god created by the architects of its civilization. … learn to respect people will automatically respect back… this is one of the fundamentals of Islam… love and peace not hatred and war… forcing others and defaming others will not make you and your beliefs a world acclaimed one…

  17. Arpitha says:

    Owais qarni mind your language . Any religion will teach people to be a good human being have good human values have that 1st . Suppose ur religion doesn’t teach about being good human being throw ur bloody Quran into garbage . Don’t teach us what we should do . Respect 1st to earn it .

  18. vinayaka chavathi is most powerful god and peoples desire soon occuring your life

  19. Owais Qarni shut ur mouth u dont u have minimum common sense….. how dare you to talk like that…..respect our religion we will respect your's..

  20. Star using clay idol…

  21. kalpesh says:

    Hi, what if ganesh visarjan is not done and the ganesh idol is kept at home / temple for further days? Whether it is OK?

  22. m. soundarya goud says:

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  23. Niko Singh says:


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    www google com why do we immersion lord Ganesh in water

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  195. Madnashini says:

    i want to know about effect of ganesh viserjan on environment

  196. saiteja says:

    ganesh is great we have to make it idols with clay or mud

  197. venu says:

    Thats great and useful info on both rituals and environment sides. Appreciate for sharing with all. Keep posting such important things in our day to day life.

  198. sirisettysaisurya says:

    i like dis information abt lord ganesha

    om vakrathundaya namaha
    om eka dantaya namaha
    om mushaka vahanaya namaha

    jai bolo ganesh maharaj ki jai

  199. purshottam dass bansal says:

    It is rightly so and should provoke every Indian

  200. P.Kanickaraj says:

    Mr. Madhav’s statement is thought provoking. I am also from Bengaluru and staying very near to the Ulsoor lake. The stench is intolerable and it has become a part of life of the people living surround the lake. As he said it is, mere foolishness to come to the conclusion that just because the idols of Ganeshs’ immersion made the surrounding stinking and makes the water body contaminated.

  201. Madhav says:

    It is interesting and a happy situation to see so many people being aware about the negative impacts of POP and chemicals on water bodies. We should encourage making clay ganesh ji’s more and more. using natural/herbal dyes for decoration is already in good progress.
    However; something that we the literate should question is:
    Through out the year chemical, mechanical, leather, textile and other industries dump toxins into our lakes, ponds and rivers. Agreed people raise awareness about it. However; compare that year round toxicity to the impact created by Ganesh nimajjan. do we really think ganesh nimarjan is causing more harm to our water bodies than the chemicals being dumped by the industries.

    I am not encouraging the idea of using POP based ganeshas; however; let us not say that POP based ganeshas are the reason our water bodies are getting contaminated.

    I’ve lived in several parts in Bharat. In Bengaluru I’ve seen nimarjan in Ulsoor kere, People complained that due to Ganesh nimarjan, the lake is loosing its beauty. Alright, what about the rest of year when the lake is nasty to look at and kept in the worst sanitary conditions?
    Similar case in Bhagyanagar (hyderabad). Hussain sagar lake is stinking through our the year and people complain about the lake getting dirty only during Nimarjan. I don’t think once an year immersion causes year round toxicity!

    We should oppose the use of POPs but with the pretext that it is intoxicating our lakes and other water bodies is irrational. Lets be more thoughtful while making these claims. I don;t think there is a single case in the entire nation where any single individual has contracted diseases and deformities by using water from bodies where Ganesh Nimarjan is done. If there are then I apologize for my ignorance. Again the comparsion would be needed on how many are dying because of industries and how many because of nimarjan.

    I apologize for having spoken about an issue that this may not be the right topic. However; felt it essential to invigorate our thought process in such regards. This could be a cover up for the industries trying to dump toxins by saying that the lake is contaminated because of nimarjan.

    Rise, awake; Bharat rest not till the goal is reached – Swami Vivekananda

  202. mad.madrasi says:

    A very nice and coherent explanation. Thank you for the clarification. From this year, I’m going to insist on only clay idols be bought in my home (and nearby pandals, if they listen).

  203. Sreedhar Talluri says:

    Good infrmation about Ganesh visarjan… Jai Bholo Ganesh Maharaj ki JAI

  204. Ramasubramanian Ganapathy says:

    Thanks for the clarification. This clearly states the reasons why idols should be made only out of clay and not other mediums.

  205. k.sri jyothirmani says:

    hai i am jyothi. Thanks for updating us with Hinduism related subjects