Thai Masam 2016, Thai Month in Tamil Calendar

Thai masam or Thai month or Thy masam is the tenth month as per the traditional Tamil Calendar. In 2016, Thai Masam begins on January 15 and ends on February 12.

This month is one of the auspicious months for Tamil speaking people all around the world. Some Tamil people celebrate the first day of Thai masam or Thai Pongal as the Tamil New Year day.

But traditional Tamil New Year day is celebrated as Puthandu which usually falls on Mesha Sankranti (Mesha Sankramana).

Thai masam is the favourite month for Lord Murugan and Lord Shiva. During the month, Murugan devotees carry Kavadis to Aarupadaiveedu (six abodes dedicated to Lord Murugan). Thai Pusam is one of the major festivals celebrated in Thai masam.

Maha Shivaratri is another big festival celebrated on Thai masa Krishna Paksha Chaturdashi day.

Thai Sukravaram or the Fridays in this month are very auspicious for Telugu speaking people settled in Tamil Nadu.

Important Tamil Festivals in Thai Masam 2016

15 January 2016 – Pongal Festival, Uttarayana Punyakalam, Makara Jyoti Darshanam

16 January 2016 – Kaanu Mattupongal, Tiruvalluvar Day

19 January 2016 – Karthikai Vratham

20 January 2016 – Ekadashi Vratham

21 January 2016 – Pradosham

23 January 2016 – Paurnami Vratham, Vata Savitri Vratham

24 January 2016 – Thai Poosam

26 January 2016 – Vastu Day

27 Janaury 2016 – Sankatahara Chaturthi

28 January 2016 – Thyagaraja Aradhana

3 February 2016 – Trilokya Gowri Vratham

4 February 2016 – Ekadashi Vratham

6 February 2016 – Pradosham, Monthly Shivaratri

8 February 2016 – Thai Amavasai, Shravana Vratham, Arasamara Pradakshinam, Mahodaya Punyakalam

9 February 2016 – Chandra Darshanam

12 February 2016 – Chaturthi Vratham, Vasanta Panchami

Thai Masam in Previous Years

In 2015, Thai Masam begins on January 15 and ends on February 12.

In 2014, Thai Masam begins on January 14 and ends on February 12.

In 2013, Thai Masam begins on January 15 and ends on February 12. Thai masam in 2012 was from 15th January 2012 to 13th February 2012.

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