Mesha Rashi 2014 Predictions, Monthly Rashifal

Mesha Rashi 2014 Predictions, Monthly Rashifal 2014 for Mesha Rashi (Aries sign)..

Mesha Rasi is comprised of all padas or charans of Ashwini Nakshatra, Bharani Nakshatram, and Krittika Nakshatra 1st pada (Charana / quarter). Those who are born between March 21 and April 19 are the natives of Aries Zodiac as per the date of birth. Aries (Mesha Rasi) is the first among 12 Rashis as per Hindu Astrology.

As per Hindu calendar (Panchangam), the year 2014 is Vijaya Nama Samvatsaram – Jaya Nama Samvatsaram.

Monthly Predictions January 2014

A Very pleasant start in the new year rises expectations in you. Health issues remains to be a major concern. Be careful with your relatives and friends.

Monthly Predictions February 2014

A good news make you feel happy, but relatives remain your main concern. Students have to work hard for good results. Employees will try hard to achieve something, but it will take more time.

Monthly Predictions March 2014

A very hard time in the year for students and employees. Time management is the key in your profession.

Monthly Predictions April 2014

Unexpected transfers for Government employees. You will receive money on time. Meeting new people shows some difference.

Monthly Predictions May 2014

Ill health creates problems. Marketing sector has good scope. You will set yourself as a role model for others.

Monthly Predictions June 2014

Agriculture and land dealers will have good time. Self employment will increase your economy state.

Monthly Predictions July 2014

Be careful with your close ones, there are chances for some misunderstandings. Students have to put more hard work towards their studies.

Monthly Predictions August 2014

High expenditure makes you fall in loses. High stress unsettles your health issues. Due to improper planning, you will lose your self respect.

Monthly Predictions September 2014

Development start to progress very slowly, highly testing time for Bank Employees. Patience keeps you in loop.

Monthly Predictions October 2014

Testing time to your patience. Many problems revolve around you. Self employment turns into a lose maker, Very good time for Government employees.

Monthly Predictions November 2014

Unexpected defames makes you feel bad. Buying new products and new cloths keeps you exhausted economically.

Monthly Predictions December 2014

It is a give and take time. You will help others and take help from them. Your speaking skills makes you to come out of danger!

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