Kumbha Rashi 2015 Predictions, Monthly Rashifal

Kumbha Rashi 2015 Predictions, Monthly Rashifal 2015 for Kumbha Rashi (Aquarius sign)..

Kumbha / Kumbh Rasi (Aquarius moon sign or Aquarius zodiac sign) is the eleventh among 12 Rashi systems of Hindu Astrology.

Dhanishta Nakshatram 3, 4 padas (charans), Shatabhisha Nakshatra, Purvabhadra Nakshatra 1, 2, 3 Padas are categorized under Kumbha Rashi or Aquarius moon sign.

Those who born between January 21 and February 19 are the natives of Aquarius Zodiac sign as per the date of birth. This system is used in Hindu astrology when you do not know the exact time or your birth star (Janma nakshatram).

As per Hindu calendar (Panchangam), the year 2015 is Jaya Nama Samvatsaram – Manmadha Nama Samvatsara.

Monthly Predictions January 2015

High expenditure makes you fall in loses. High stress unsettles your health issues. Due to improper planning, you will lose your self respect.

Monthly Predictions February 2015

Attention towards health should be maintained. Economic issues should be handled carefully.

Monthly Predictions March 2015

Students have to work hard for good results. Government employees has good chance of getting promotions.

Monthly Predictions April 2015

Teachers and Educational department employees will have to be careful with transfers and legal issues with officials.

Monthly Predictions May 2015

Improved relation with family members will create some trouble in your professional life. It is better that you stay unnoticed with some issues that happen in your life.

Monthly Predictions June 2015

Unnecessary travelling creates more economic problems and more physical strain.

Monthly Predictions July 2015

Participation in receptions, weddings and parties will increase your fame and it will allow your family understand you better.

Monthly Predictions August 2015

Don’t try too hard for loans, indeed if you get offers alsop try to avoid them. They will create unnecessary Problems.

Monthly Predictions September 2015

Family remains joyful, Doctors have good time and Employees will have expected transfers.

Monthly Predictions October 2015

Travelling makes you feel tired. Health issues remains to be a major concern. Be careful with your relatives and friends.

Monthly Predictions November 2015

A good news make you feel happy, but relatives remain your main concern. Students have to work hard for good results. Employees will try hard to achieve something, but it will take more time.

Monthly Predictions December 2015

Don’t try to argue with anyone. Arguments will lead to major problems. Health needs some attention.

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  1. DIWAKAR says:

    When my marriage, My DOB 1979.11.28 Kumbha Raasi Purva Bhadra 2 Padam, love marriage or arrange marrige , please give the details.

  2. kondapalli sasikala says:

    i trust your words and please telme about my feuture

  3. Gordhan Dass says:

    Good way of predictions, mostly are true but nothing definite because God is final authority