Aani Thirumanjanam 2014 (Aani Uthiram)

Aani Thirumanjanam, also known as Aani Uthiram or Ani Uthram, is the most important festival celebrated during Aani month in Tamil Nadu. In 2014, Aani Thirumanjanam or Aani Uthiram date is July 4.

The festival is dedicated to Lord Nataraja (Shiva) and celebrated with utmost fervor in Chidambaram Nataraja Temple. It is believed that in the month of Aani, Lord Nataraja gives Darshan to his ardent devotees.

Aani Thirumanjanam or Aani Uthram is the best time worship Lord Shiva. This is one of the six special Abhisekam days in a year. The 3-hour Maha Abhishekam begins at 3’o clock in the morning. Pushpanjali is the ritual performed to Lord Nataraja after Mahabhishekam.

In 2013, Aani Thirumanjanam date was July 14.

In 2012, Aani Thirumanjanam or Aani Uthiram date was June 26.

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