Yuddha Kanda in Ramayana

Yuddha Kanda is the sixth chapter in Ramayana, and in this chapter, the war between Rama and Ravana was mentioned in detail.

After meeting Ma Sita, Lord Hanuman explained it in detail to Rama, and Rama had decided to build a bridge from Dhanushkoti to Sri Lanka. He made several commands to the Vanaras and asked them to build a strong bridge. Nala, the son of the divine Architect Viswakarma, had built a nice bridge with the help of the other Vanaras, and the brother of Ravana, Vibhishana had also joined with Rama, and helped him to win in the Lanka war. Rama sent Angada to Lanka and asked him to talk with Ravana. Ravana didn’t give any respect to him, and also insulted him. Angada conveyed this message to Rama, and then they decided to wage a war with Ravana.

During the initial stages of war, the ministers of Ravana were killed by Vanaras, and also lot of demons were killed. Indrajith the son of Ravana had shot a powerful weapon on Lakshmana and made him to get fainted. Then as per the advice of Jambavan, Hanuman went to Mount Meru, and picked the Herbal Mountain Sanjeevini, and brought it to the battle field. After smelling the medicinal herb, Lakshmana had miraculously relieved from the Weapon.

Then after a few days, Lord Rama killed Ravana and other demons, and brought back Ma Sita from the Ashokavana. Then as per his orders, Ma Sita took fire bath in front of all the Vanaras, and proved her chastity. Then Rama and others were seated in the Divine plane, and went to Ayodhya. There Rama was crowned as the king of Ayodhya by Rishi Vasishta, and he lived with Ma Sita in a peaceful manner in his palace. His brothers and Hanuman served him sincerely at his palace, and they acted as dutiful attendants to him. It is suggested to read this Yuddha Kanda every day, in order to avoid fights, quarrels and to get relieved from enmity problems with others.


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