Yogini Ekadasi – Ashada Krishna Ekadashi 2009

Yogini Ekadasi is the eleventh day in the first half of the month Ashada (Ashada Krishna Paksha Ekadasi). In 2009, Yogini Ekadashi is observed on June 19, Friday (as per the North Indian Calendar).

Significance and Legend of Yogini Ekadasi Vrata:
Brahma Vivarta Purana has the legend of Yogini Ekadasi (Ashadha Krishna Ekadashi). Significance and importance of Yogini Ekadasi Vrata was narrated by Lord Sri Krishna to Yudhistira (Dharmaraj). Krishna told the story of Hemamali, a Yaksha who was working at Kubera, the King of Alakapuri. Hemamali was very much attracted towards his gorgeous wife, Swarupavati and neglected his daily duties that he was allocated to do for his master.

Hemamalis daily work was to bring flowers from Manasasarovar Lake. His master identified his carelessness towards his duties and asked one of his servants to go to his house and enquire. The servant went to Hemamalis house and came to Kubera to tell that the reason of his negligence in his duties is his gorgeous wife. Kubera called Hemamali and cursed him to suffer from white leprosy and to become separated from his wife. Thus Hemamali suffered from the terrible disease and separated from his wife.

When he met Sage Markandeya (Markandeya Maharshi), he suggested him to observe Yogini Ekadasi Vrata. Hemamali observed the fast on Ashadha Krishna Ekadasi and got rid of the dangerous infection and became a handsome Yaksha. He lived his rest of life happily with his wife.

Merits and Glory of Yogini Ekadasi Fasting:
Yogini Ekadasi Vrata (fasting) helps devotees to be free from their all sins and provides great liberation. The rituals and customs are same as other Ekadasi fasting. As this Ekadasi fasting is solely dedicated to Lord Vishnu, chanting and reciting Vishnu Stotras is highly auspicious.
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