Kag Puja | Worship of Crows during Diwali, Tihar in Nepal

Kag Puja, Kag Parva, or worship of crows is the first day of Diwali or Tihar festival in Nepal. This day is dedicated to worship crows. Kag Puja 2018 date is November 5.

The crows are worshipped by offerings of sweets and other recipes on the roof of the houses and in front of the houses.

As per the Hindu religious history, cawing of the crows marks the sadness and grief. To stop the grief and deaths in their homes, devotees offer sweets and other foods to crows.

Tihar in Nepal and Diwali in India represent the divine attachment between Human and other animals and birds in our nature. To strengthen the worship of nature, all these rituals are introduced in Hinduism.

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