Why we Immerse Vinayaka Idols in Water?

Ganesh immersion

Ganesh immersion

Why we Immerse Vinayaka Idols in Water? After celebrating the holy festival Vinayaka Chaturthi, within a few days, the colourful clay idols of Lord Vinayaka, would be immersed on the water bodies like ocean, River or on small ponds. The reason for doing like that is to bring good fortunes in our lives. As per ancient legend, once Lord Varuna, the ocean god, worshipped Lord Vinayaka by praising his glories and also performed a special puja to him at his VarunaLoka.

Pleased by his devotion, Lord Vinayaka granted few boons to him, and also he also granted a special boon to Varuna, that after the completion of Vinayaka Puja, his devotees would immerse his idol on the water, and by doing like that, Lord Vinayaka would permanently dwell at the VarunaLoka.

It is also believed, that since most of the idols of Lord Vinayaka are prepared using clay, and since the product clay would subject to breakage in course of time, hence, before the damage of the Vinayaka Idol, devotees are immersing it in water. It is also scientifically proved, that when clay is mixed with water, it would be absorbed with water, and due to that, even the contaminated water would be changed into pure, since the clay which was thrown out in the water is not an ordinary one, but it is actually the idol of Lord Vinayaka itself!

As per the Holy Vinayaka Purana, before worshipping the Vinayaka idol made out of stone, staunch Vinayaka devotees like Rishi Purushundi and Vallalan worshipped only the Vinayaka idol made out of clay. Idols of Vinayaka made out of clay is easy to carry and some people after celebrating the Vinayaka Chathurti festival, within a few days, used to place the clay Vinayaka idol even in some temples, instead of immersing it in water.

But nowadays, since most of the people lives in Apartments, the system of buying clay Vinayaka is reduced in Cities. But, still now, most of the village people used to happily buy the clay Vinayaka, and they also used to decorate The Lord using Special Umbrella, garlands and with other puja articles, and they would also offer the delicious “MOTHAKAMS” to Lord Vinayaka, since it was very much liked by our first god.

During 1980’s, we can find lot of vendors who were busily selling the favourite Vinayaga rKodai (Umbrellas) on the streets, during the auspicious Vinayaka Chathurti festival day, and still now I am able to recollect the past memories of hearing the huge sound raised by the Vendors, “PILLAYAR KODAI VANGALAIYO”, don’t you want an Umbrella of Lord Vinayaka?


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