Why should a devotee worship Lord Shiva?

Bilva Patra Puja to Lord Shiva

Bilva Patra Puja to Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva is one of three triads of Hindu Gods; the other two are Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma. According to Vedas and other ancient writings we find that Lord Vishnu is considered as the saver or supporter, Lord Brahma is considered as the father or creator and Lord Shiva is considered as the destroyer.

Lord Shiva has image of most dangerous among all three triads of Hindu Gods but at the same time he is very easy to be convinced. People also call him “Bhole Bhandari” which means he is very down to earth and listens to everyone.

There are few points that can justify why one should worship Lord Shiva. These points are as follows-You don’t need to arrange many things to worship him like other gods. He is happy with a drop of water with leafs of bel and cheek-slap sound. You don’t need to have any gold ornament or cloths to please him, he is happy if you offer your soul to him. You don’t even need his image to worship him, the bright symbol of Divinity which is widely known as “Shiva-lingam” is enough to please him.

The Lord is a wish fulfiller among the devotees and pilgrims who prays with lot of devotion and dedication. Most of the Hindu visit Shiva temple for worship, prayer, conducting rituals and homam for better life in the professional and personal field with prosperity and wealth. The lord never leaves the devotees and pilgrims who visit him with empty hand and fulfills their wishes and desires.

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