What is the importance of Yagna

Meanwhile, the Wright Brothers tried to fly. These people, Navroji and Sharma, would not give them all the secrets about the plane, naturally.
There was a very nicely made documentary on this that came on the national television a couple of years back. Also in the London newspaper, it had come that Subraya Sharma was the Indian gentleman who flew the first plane.

What I am saying here is that, this knowledge is present in every generation. If you speak about black matter, dark matter and dark energy, these ideas were present in the ancient texts as well. Unfortunately, there is nobody who can go, read, and get some clues from it.

Here, we have Dr. Hari and his wife Hema, who have been doing a lot of research. Many of you think that Ganges is a natural river. They have made many scientific evolutions to say that it is a man-made river, which flows all the way, throughout India.

So, yagnas are one such technique that is there to nullify the negative, and create positive ions in the atmosphere. Again, that needs a little revival, like Ayurveda is getting revived. In the same way, that will also happen.

The text is an excerpt of Sri Sri Ravishankar’s discourse at Art of Living.

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  1. Satanand says:

    subraya sharma flew first before wright brothers financed by naoroji