What is our life’s Mission, How to find it?

What is our life’s mission and how to find the mission of our life? On this query, Sri Sri Ravishankar Guruji of Art of Living explaining his views in his own words….

To realize one’s mission, your mind has to become clear. And doing Hollow and Empty meditation makes the mind very clear. When the mind is clear then intuition comes up.
Think how best I can be of use to people, and when you become useful to people around you, when your life is for seva, then you find that life is very meaningful and very fulfilling.
If your life is only centered on yourself, ‘What about me, what will I get? How much more joyful can I be?’ If you are focused only on that then you go into depression.

See, your strength and talents are meant to be put to good use for others. If nature has given you a good voice, is it for you or for others? Do you sing and listen to your own song? If nature has given you a good voice, that is for others to enjoy.
If nature has given you a good form, is it for you or for others? It is for others to look at you and enjoy. So, any strength that you have is not for you; it is for others.

Any power or strength that you have can be used in two ways. Either you use the power to fight with others, or use the power to serve others. For centuries, people in the world have been gaining power only to fight with others, isn’t it? One gained power so that they could fight another, and whom do you fight with – with the one who is equal to you.
Definitely one does not fight with someone who has less power than them. One fights with someone who is on par with them. And nobody has found happiness in fighting with power. If the power that you have been given is put to good use, to serve, it brings you satisfaction and happiness.

So, everything that you have – power, beauty, money, appearance, voice, they are all meant to be put to good use, for the service of others. Then, you find life will be so fulfilling.

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