Vishnupathi Punyakaalam – What is Vishnupati?

Vishnupati punya kaalam is an auspicious time for Vishnu Bhakti or the pure devotion for Lord Sri Maha Vishnu. Vishnupathi is a great time to spend in Lord Vishnu chantings, stories and pujas Vishnupati punya kaal comes once in every three months.

On the day of Vishnupati, nine hour period from 1.30 in the late night to 10.30 in the morning is referred as Vishnupathi Punya kaalam . The nine hour period is the most auspicious in terms of pujas and other sadhanas to please Lord Vishnu and to get blessings of Vishnu.

In each year, four Vishnupathi Punya Kaalams are celebrated. But the time period of theVishnupati is different from others in every year. Totally we have 60 years, once you miss to celebrate the Vishnupati then you have to wait for coming 60 years to celebrate Vishnupathi on the particular day.

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  1. sarvin says:

    Hello, I wanted to know if timing for vishnupati is same for all the countries.
    I live in New Zealand.

    kind regads

    • Naveen Sanagala says:

      All the timings given in Hindupad are of IST, Indian Standard Time. You can calculate it according to your timezone.. or else consult any local pandit or temple authorities for more details..

  2. vvsundaramurthy says:

    what are the dates of vishnupathi in the year 2013

  3. Viraaj says:

    what puja on vishnupathi days to be performed

  4. geeta says:

    when is next punya kaalam in 2016?

  5. geetha says:

    please inform me the exact dates of vishnupati kalam this year.