Vishesha Do Mukhi Rudraksha Buy Online

Vishesha Do Mukhi Rudraksha 2

Vishesha Do Mukhi Rudraksha 2

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Two faced Rudraksha being resembled as Lord Shiva and Parvati, all the desires of the wearer get granted by the blessings of Shiva and Parvati. It has a unique quality to maintain ‘ONENESS’. Do mukhi Rudraksha helps to remove the differences of opinion in between teacher & student, father & son, husband & wife and friends.

On wearing two faced Rudraksha, people get free from Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Mental Chaos, intestinal Disorder, Negative thinking and Eye Problem. Also beneficial for people who wants to have all material comforts along with moksha.

Do Mukhi Rudraksha Stotram

Story of Rudraksha beads

Price of this Vishesha Do Mukhi Rudraksha is – Rs 3000 each / 65 USD

Delivery Time – 8-10 Days within India / Delivery period changes country to country

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  1. senthil kumar says:

    could you send me the videos of the two muki Rudraksha, also it should be received from Nepal.

    kindly clarify me.

    Senthil kumar

  2. Vimal says:

    Do you provide any certificate of originality? Is pay on delivery option available