Virochana | Son of Prahlada

Virochana was the noble and pious son of Bhakta Prahalada. He was also a great Vishnu devotee similar to his father. He learnt all the sacred texts at his younger age itself. Though he was born in the family of daityas, he was a humble and a good king, who took the advice of his father and ruled his kingdom in a proper manner.

Virochana’s teachings are very famous. And some of them are as follows:

1. Believe in one god, and that is Lord Vishnu.
2. Always think and worship Lord Narayana, for getting good prospects in life.
3. Be generous and kind to others.
4. Don’t be arrogant and adamant over others. After all we are all the slaves of Lord Narayana, and he only has got the commanding power over others.
5. If necessary for the purpose of doing goodness to others, we can sacrifice our life also.
6. Only by chanting the names and the glory of Lord Vishnu, we can get SALVATION after our death.
7. Lord Vishnu is the one who creates, protects and destroys the entire universe.
8. We should not disturb others unnecessarily.
9. We should always live in the path of “DHARMA” and be righteousness throughout our life.

King Virochana’s teachings were based on the teachings of his father Bhakta Prahalada. His teachings were very popular since ancient times. Once he won Swargalok, the divine abode of Lord Indra.But Lord Indra appeared in the form of a pious Brahmin and asked Virochana to fulfill his wish.

Virochana was happily agreed without knowing the problem behind that. Lord Indra in the form of Brahmin asked his life as a boon from him. Immediately the great king Virochana severed his own head with his knife and gave his head to Lord Indra and immediately collapsed and died. He is such a great person for being born as the son of the great “BHAKTA PRAHALAD”. We cannot imagine such a human sacrifice in this today’s world.


King Virochana was such a kind and a noble person, who lived in a good manner throughout his life. During his regime, he took care of his people in a proper manner, and opened free food centres in many parts of his region for the benefit of the travelers from other places. He also constructed resting places all over his region for the travelers. His name and fame spread across the world, and it reached heaven also. For some time, he also captured and ruled SwargaLok. His act was disliked by Lord Indra and he killed him in a cunning manner. Though he has died several lakhs of years ago, his own human sacrifice will never be forgotten by the people in the earth and by the gods and demi gods in the heaven, and by the living beings in the entire UNIVERSE.

Let us worship the great king “VIROCHANA” and be blessed.

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