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Vilamba Nama Samvatsaram | 2018-2019 Hindu Year | Vilambi Nama Samvatsara

Vilamba Nama Samvatsaram marks the Hindu Year 2018-2019. It is the 32nd year in 60-year Hindu calendar cycle (Prabhavaadi).

This Vilamba Nama Samvatsaram marks the 1955885119th year of the creation (Srushyadhi Gatha Saurabdha), 5119th year of Kaliyuga Shatabdha, 2075th year in Vikram Samvat abdha,1940th year of Shalivahana Shaka Abdha, 2089-2090 year of Sri Aadi Shankaracharya Abdha, 1001st year of Sri Ramanuja Abdha, 71-72nd year of Bharatha Svatantra Shaka.

This Hindu Year is Virodhikrit Samvatsar in Vikram Samvat 2075 year. 1193-1194 Kolla Varsham year in Malayalam Calendar, 2074-2075 year in Gujarati Calendar, 1424-1425 year in Bengali Calendar, 2074-2075 year in Nepali Patro.

This Hindu year begins on 18 March 2018, Ugadi (Chaitra Shukla Pratipada), and ends on 5 April 2019. This year continues for 384 days since there will be a Adhika Masam / Mal Maas / Purushottam Maas (Adhik Jyeshta Maas).

According to Astrology, Adhidevata for Sri Vilamba Nama Samvatsara is “savitrudu”, a manifestation of Sri Surya Bhagawan who holds ‘Dhanurbhana’ in hands and rides ‘Turanga Vahana’. Surya Bhagawan (Sun) holds the position of ‘Nrupadhipathi’ and ‘Dhanyadhipathi’; Shani (Saturn) gets ‘Mantri’ position, Shukra (Venus) takes ‘Senadhipathi’, ‘Arghyadhipathi’ and ‘Meghadhipathi’ positions, Chandra (Moon) holds ‘Sasyadhipathi’ and ‘Neerasadhipathi’ designations, Budha (Mercury) takes ‘Rasadhipathi’, Yama gets ‘Pashupalakadhipathi’ position while Sri Krishna holds the positions of ‘Sthaanarakshaka’, ‘Sthaana Bahishkarthadhipathi’.

Vilamba Nama Samvatsara will witness Tamraparni Pushkarams (Bheemarathi Nadhi Pushkaralu) in October 2018. There will be a Sampurna Chandra Grahanam (Total Lunar Eclipse) on 27 July 2018. And Shukra Moudyami (Moodami) and Guru Moudyami comes once each in this year.

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