Vidurashwatha Temple, Gauribidanur near Bangalore

Vidhurashwatha Temple

Vidhurashwatha Temple

Vidurashwatha Temple, Gauribidanur near Bangalore. Vidhurashwatha Temple, Vidhurashwatha Nagendraswamy Temple, Santhana Nagendra Swamy Temple at Vidhurashwatha.

Vidurashwatha Temple, Gauribidanur near Bangalore is a famous temple dedicated to Nagendra Swamy, most specifically to Santhana Nagendra Swamy.Β Vidurashwatha is a small village located in the Gauribidanur taluk of Chikkaballapur district in the state of Karnataka, India. Situated near the Karnataka – Andhra Pradesh border and about 6 km from Gauribidanur, it had a major role to play in the freedom movement of India.

The name Vidurashwatha is derived from that of a big Ashwatha (Ficus religiosa) tree (Banyan Tree) located in this village. According to a legend of the times of Mahabharata, this tree was planted by Vidhura, a courtier in the kingdom of Dhritarashtra; and hence the name Vidurashwatha. Unfortunately, in 2001, due to heavy rains and floods, this ancient tree fell to the ground.

Naga Devatha Temple which is as old as the tree, here people do the prathishtapana of the naga god, to fulfil their desires, like having child, do better in business etc., the pooja here is done to alleviate all problems concerned with Naga dosha.

Many couples who want to beget children visit this Santhana Nagendra Swamy Temple and offer special pujas like – Kalasarpa Dosha Nivarana Puja, Rahu Ketu Puja, and Naga Dosha Puja, etc.. They also tie a ‘Mudupu’ to Ashwatha Vriksha in the temple premises.

In the temple premises there are thousands of Naga Devata deities installed by the devotees who had got fulfillment of their wishes after performing puja here.

There are many famous temples for Rahu Ketu Puja and Sarpadosha Nivarana Pujas – Ghati Subramanya Swamy Temple near Gauribidanur in Karnataka,Β Sri Kalahasti Temple near Tirupati in Andhra Pradesh, Kukke Subramanya Swamy Temple near Mysore; Nashik Trimbakeshwar Temple in Maharashtra, etc..

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