Venus in 9th House | Shukra in Bhagya Sthana

Venus in 9th House, Shukra in Bhagya Sthana – Effects of Venus in 9th house (Positive effects & negative effects)..

When Venus is in 9th house, the native will get benefit only from self earned wealth. Even though his ancestors may be wealthy he may not be rich.

When Rahu Ketu Saturn and Mercury are together it will cause negative effects and the spouse, progeny, wealth will be destroyed. If the Jupiter and Moon is malefic it will destroy the family and wealth.

When Mars is a companion or when one establishes Moon or embeds silver in neem tree, his family life will start improving.

Positive effects of Venus in 9th house

When Venus is in 9th house the native will be a religious person and will visit holy places on pilgrimages. He will also be intelligent and hard-working and wealthy even though he will have to work hard to attain wealth. As a remedy he should that bury a square or rectangular piece of silver under a neem tree which will uplift his financial status.

When Moon or Mars conjoins Venus the native should use a remedy or financial upliftment and peace of mind. He should keep the well, or silver or honey in the house or in the foundation of the house. In this way, Venus will act 9 times more beneficial.

Negative effects of Venus in 9th house

Venus in 9th house is considered highly inauspicious. There will be loss through marriage, cow, agriculture or items related with Venus in the 25th year.

When the Mars is malefic it becomes negative and gives poverty. Mercury, Rahu and Ketu will generally be malefic for children and trouble through opponents.

When Rahu Ketu and Saturn or Mercury conjoins Venus or in transit, he will get addicted to drinking from the 17th year and have diseases and unwanted expenditure in life.

When Moon is in House No. 7 or malefic he will be poor and have unfavourable children.

When Jupiter and Venus conjoin or Jupiter is malefic there will be obstruction in childbirth. When House No. 1 is blank he will have diseases related to blood.

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