Venus in 8th House | Shukra in House of Death

Venus in 8th House, Shukra in House of Death – What are the effects of Venus in 8th House (Positive effects & negative effects)?

When Venus is in 8th house donations and worship offered in the temple will destroy the enemy. When House No. 2 is blank Rahu Ketu and Venus will be malefic.

If moon, Mars, Mercury or not alive then Venus will be benefic. The planet and House No. 2 will give only beneficial results. As a remedy to save the wife’s health, donate barley or bury them under the earth.

Positive effects of Venus in 8th house

When Venus is in 8th house, the wife should be taken care of properly and not ignored. The wife may be of harsh temperament and any bad words spoken by her will become effective. You should not accept donations.

The native will be religious and offer prayers in temple which will help them gain victory over enemy. He should be contended with self earnings.

When there is some planet and House No. 2,Venus will give results of Venus in House No. 2.

Negative effects of Venus in 8th house

Venus will remain unfavourable till the 11th year of life. From the 12 year when Venus transits the 12th house it will become benefic and favourable. He should not marry until the age of 25. The native may be of questionable character.

When Sun, Moon or Rahu is in House No. 2, 8 he should not stand surety for anybody. He will also face some help problems.

When House No. 2 is blank the condition of Elders will be doubtful and there will be losses and misery to in-laws and poor progeny.

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