Venus in 6th House | Shukra in Shathru Bhava

Venus in 6th House, Shukra in Shathru Bhava (House of enemies) – Effects of Venus in 6th house (Positive effects & negative effects)..

When Venus is in 6th house the person will be wealthy if he respects wealth otherwise there will be loss of wealth. If he does not neglect his kids, his old age will be comfortable.

When Mercury is malefic it will give health problems and when Saturn is malefic it will destroy wealth. The person will be in pursuit of money and dominate his brothers and relatives. His relation with women will be good. When Venus is malefic there will be loss of animals and wealth. If moon is alive, Venus will not give any malefic results.

Positive effects of Venus in 6th house

He will be hard-working and have a comfortable life in his old age. When Moon is alive, Venus will not be malefic. The results of Venus will depend on the condition of Rahu or Ketu.

When Sun Jupiter for both of them are in House No. 2 or 6 and some healthy planet is in House No. 12, he will be very wealthy but children will be spoilt. He will help and also gain through brothers, relatives and father. Such a person should not marry who is the only child of her parents.

Negative effects of Venus in 6th house

When a planet other than Mars Jupiter is in House No. 6, 7 Venus and other planets will become malefic.

When Sun is in House No. 6 or House No. 2 is blank there will be undesirable effect on children and death of father in childhood.

Rahu in House No. 2 will cause death of 1st wife and give trouble through enemies up to 42nd year of age. Ketu in House No. 6 and the Jupiter in House No. 12 will give malefic effects of all planets.

When Saturn is malefic there will be loss of wealth. When Ketu becomes malefic there will be loss through other woman.

When Sun, Moon, Rahu is in House No. 7 it will bring losses and bad luck. Jupiter, sun and moon will all become malefic and there will be no gain from the articles of these 3 planets.

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