Venus in 10th House | Shukra in Karma Bhava

Venus in 10th House, Shukra in Karma Bhava (House of destiny) – Effects of Venus in 10th house (Positive effects & negative effects)….

When Venus is in 10th house he will always be running after woman and be deprived of progeny. When House No. 4 is blank, Venus will act like Saturn.

When Moon is alone in House No. 2, 4, 7 it will give wealth and comforts of transport. If the wife is of good conduct it will make her the goddess of wealth or else it will cause destruction. If the native runs after other women, Moon and Mars will get damaged.

Positive effects of Venus in 10th house

When Venus is in 10th house the native will be fond of good clothes and travel. Saturn will become benefic if the native avoids wrong deeds of Saturn.

When Saturn is alone in House No. 9, 11 and exalted, the mercury will be benefic until the wife of the native is alive he will not meet with any accident. He will be blessed with good family life and good health. He will also have a comfortable old age.

When Moon is alone in House No. 2, 4, 7 he will be blessed with wealth and comforts.

Negative effects of Venus in 10th house

The native will be denied children or they will die after the birth. Relations with other women will cause trouble due to children in old age. He will suffer for 12 years on account of children, brothers and wealth. As a remedy he should consider donating a kapila cow.

When Sun, Moon or Rahu conjoins Venus, 12 years of his life will be trouble some.

When Saturn is malefic Venus will indicate malefic results and wife will be diseased and unhappy. When Saturn is in House No. 5 it may cause eye problems to the wife.

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