The Richest God Venkateshwara is a God of Simplicity

Venkateshwara Swamy Face Close up

Venkateshwara Swamy Face Close up

The Richest God Venkateshwara is a God of Simplicity… The world’s richest god Venkateswara, is a god of simplicity, since he himself has once lead a very simple life, by living in the small hut of his foster mother Vakulamalika. When Lord Vishnu came down to the earth from Vaikunta, by taking the form of Lord Venkateswara, first, he went to the Tirumala Hills, sat under an ant hill, and began to start meditating for the well-being of the entire universe. When Lord Indra came to knew about this, he has sent the divine architect Lord Viswakarma, in order to build a beautiful palace for Lord Venkateswara. But Venkateswara has politely refused the proposal, and then he took shelter under the holy mother, Ma Vakulamalika.

The Lord of seven hills, mainly expect pure bhakti from us. Even if he offer lot of gold jewels to him in a half-heartedly manner, the supreme Lord Venkateswara, would not get satisfied with our offerings. As per the Holy Text, Sri Venkateswara Mahatmya, it was mentioned that Ma Vakulamalika had owned few cows, and daily she used to sell the cow’s milk to the nearby households. And with that small income, she used to provide simple food to Lord Venkateswara. He also used to wilfully eat the food by considering it as a rich food. Since Lord Venkateswara had initially suffered from poverty, he is also called as Daridra Narayana!

The main purpose of providing food donation in Tirumala is to take care of the hungry devotees, by the way of removing their hunger by offering whole some sumptuous delicious food.

Still now, Lord Venkateswara is accepting the honour provided by the temple priests and by his devotees and daily he is being decorated with nice garments and precious ornaments. He appears like a rich king, since he is considered as the Kings of the kings and the Lord of the Lords.

The purpose of taking the Venkateswara Avatar by Lord Vishnu is to remove the sufferings of his devotees in this difficult Kali Yuga. Whoever visits his shrine would get relieved from their sorrows, and their life would blossom like the fresh lotus flowers. Lord Venkateswara also likes those, who provide food to the poor and the needy. Since he himself has once suffered from poverty, he blesses his devotees to become generous, pious and prosperous.


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