Vedic Knowledge should reach Common People

Vedic Knowledge should reach Common People – TTD EO Sri MG Gopal advocated that the vast wisdom embedded in Vedas should reach the common man for the benefit of the society.

In his inaugural address during the month long “Veda Sandesha Sibiram” which commenced on Friday evening at SV Oriental College in Tirupati, TTD EO said, It is unfortunate that Vedas have been branded as the subjects related to only certain sect and community.

“In fact Vedas house universal knowledge related to science, mathematics, statistics, religious-socio-economic, medical, sports, judiciary, astronomy and many more fields”, EO maintained. He asked the faculty of SV Vedic University to extract this knowledge and convey to the common public through a platform. He said today even the entire world is looking at India with its “East Look Policy” to
explore the interesting facts embedded in Vedas related to science, medicine and astronomy.

Sri Gopal said this is the reason why UNESCO has rightly described Vedas as “Heritage Property”.

Later SV Vedic University Vice-Chancellor Sri KE Devanathan said, with the clarion call given by TTD EO the university will definitely brought out the hidden things in Vedic Science with concrete evidence.

Meanwhile the Vedic classes will conclude on May 24. Many exponents from various fields will take part in the classes to give their lectures on various subjects like Veda Sarali, Nyaya Sastra facts, Vedas and Science, Vedas and Mathematics etc.

The denizens can take part in these classes and acquire the vedic wisdom.

SV Vedic University Registrar Sri Vijay Kumar and others were also present.

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