Vatsyayana | Author of Kamasutra

Vatsyayana was a great scholar and a philosopher who is believed to have been lived during the 6th century AD. He has written the famous text Kamasutra, in order to make proper understanding of the human love. He has written mainly the text in order to clarify the doubts of the humans, and to get more pleasure and happiness during their sexual union, and in order to get more physical and mental attachment between the couple.

The main purpose of the text is to enjoy more satisfaction, and to avoid fights and quarrels between the couple.

Although it is not preferable to read the text by everyone, it can be read by the couple to get more sexual satisfaction. Apart from the text “KAMASUTRA”, he has written various other good texts also, like mentioning the path of Dharma, and the ways to be followed for leading a noble life, etc. But since he has written in palm leaves, most of the texts were destroyed by white ants, and are not available currently.

Vatsyayana is a great scholar, and since sex and love is also considered as one of the 64 arts, he has written the text in order make use of his text properly by the people.

Though he is not considered as a very spiritual person, he is a good and a noble scholar, and contains good characteristics.


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