Vaishakha Masam, Vaisakh Mas – Lord Vishnu’s Favourite Month

Lord Vishnumurti

Lord Vishnumurti

Vaishakha masam also spelled as Vaisakh mas is the favourite month for Lord Vishnu. Worshipping Lord Vishnu in Vaishakh month is considered as very auspicious. It is the most auspicious mas and the month of prosperity among all the months.

Significance and Importance of Vaishakh Month – Vaisakha Masa Mahatmya:

According to Sage Narada, the three months – Kartika masam, Magha masam and Vaisakha mas are the most auspicious months. But among these three months, Vaisakha mas is the supreme. Vaisakha mas has the sacredness to cleanse the sins of previous births and free the devotee from the result of his bad deeds.

Vaisakha mas is the auspicious month for good deeds such as pujas, yagna, homa, rituals, customs, and tapasya (penance).

In Vaisakha month, Lord Vishnu tests his bhakta, as those who stay without any vrata or charity; suffer from hurdles and obstacles in his future.

People believe that it is very easy to attain the four ultimate aims of human life (chatur purusharthas) – Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha with Vaisakha dharma. Rituals, customs and traditions, collectively called as Vaisakha dharma grants the devotees good health, fame, sustenance and unending blessings of Lord Vishnu.

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    why vaishakh mas called madhav mas indian calendar