Vaisakha Masa Vratam, Rituals & Pujas to Perform in Vaishakh Month

Vaisakha masam is the month of daana (charities) while the months of Shravan and Karthik are the months of pujas and vratas. Vaisakha mas is the most preferable month to observe and perform dana (charity), yajna (fire sacrifices), vrata (observance of fasting) and punya snan (ritual bath).

Daana (performing charities) is the best aspect of Vaisakha masa rituals. Charity of water (Jala danam), food charity (Anna daana), and charity of clothes (Vasthra daana) are considered as predominant charities in Viasakha mas.

Ritual bathing (Punya Snan) in the Brahma muhurta, in Vaisakha mas followed by worship of Lord Narayana is the most auspicious thing which is considered as equal to visiting and worshipping in all the sacred kshetras.

Period of Vaisakha Masam in 2022

When Vaisakha masam falls in 2022? Vaishakh month or Vaisakh mas or Vaishakha masam is the second month in traditional Hindu calendar (almanac). In 2022, Vaisakh month begins on April 17 and ends on May 16 as per North Indian Hindi calendars.

In 2022, Vaishakh month starts on May 1 and ends on May 30 in Telugu, Kannada, Marathi & Gujarati calendars.

Lord Madhusudana – the Deity of Vaisakha Masam

As the deity of the month Vaisakh is Madhusudana (Lord Vishnu), it is very auspicious to worship Lord Vishnu. Observing Vishnu puja after ritual bath before Suryoday (Sunrise) will remove all sins of devotee and provide great pleasure to Lord Vishnu.

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