Vaisakha Masa Vratam, Rituals & Pujas to Perform in Vaishakh Month

Vaisakha masam is the month of daana (charities) while the months of Shravan and Karthik are the months of pujas and vratas. Vaisakha mas is the most preferable month to observe and perform dana (charity), yajna (fire sacrifices), vrata (observance of fasting) and punya snan (ritual bath). Daana (performing charities) is the best aspect of […]

Mohini Ekadasi Vrata Mahatmya

Mohini Ekadasi is observed during the Shukla Paksha in the month of Chithirai in Tamil calendar and in Vaishakha month in North Indian and other regions calendars. Mohini Ekadasi mahatmyam (importance or significance) was told by Sage Vasista to Lord Sri Ram. Lord Sri Krishna also told the importance of Mohini Ekadasi to Yudhishtira (Dharma raj). […]

Kurma Jayanti, Jayanthi of Lord Kurma

Kurma Jayanti is the day to celebrate Lord Kurmas Jayanti. Kurma avatara is the second incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Kurma means the tortoise or turtle form of Lord Vishnu, who helped devas (gods) and demons (asuras) in churning of milk ocean (Samudra Manthan). When is Lord Kurma Jayanti celebrated? Lord Kurma Jayanti is celebrated on […]

Apara Ekadasi, Vaishak Vadi Ekadashi, Achala Ekadasi

Apara Ekadasi is observed during the Krishna Paksha (second fortnight) of the month Vaisakha masam. Importance and significance of Apara Ekadasi was explained by Lord Sri Krsihna to Yudhistira (Dharma raj). Apara Ekadasi is also called as Vaishak Vadi Ekadashi or Achala Ekadashi. When is Apara Ekadasi observed? Apara Ekadasi is observed on Vaisakha masa […]

Shani Jayanti 2012, Shaneeshwara Jayanthi 2012

Shani Jayanti is the birthday of Lord Shani or Sani. Shani bhagwanis one of the Navagrahas (Nine primary celestial deities). Shani Jayanti or Saneeshwara Jayanti observed on Amavasya (No Moon day) in Vaishakha masam (Vaishakha Amavasya). In 2012, Shani Jayanthi falls on May 20, Sunday. In Hinduism, Sani is the deity of Shanivar. Shani bhagwan […]

Important Festivals in Vaisakha Masam – Auspicious Days in Vaisakha Month in May 2009

Vaisakha Shukla Saptami – Vidyaranya Jayanti and Gangothpatthi: Vaisakha Shukla Saptmai is celebrated as Vidyaranya Jayanti and Gangothpatthi. Vidyaranya Swamy was one of the frontline Hindu saints and considered as great as Jagadguru Aadi Shankaracharya. Gangothpatthi is the day to celebrate the arrival of the holy River Ganga on to the earth. In 2009, Vidyaranya […]

Important Festivals in Vaisakha Masam – Auspicious Days of Vaisakha Month in April 2009

Vaisakha masam is considered as the supreme among the three most auspicious months. The other two months are Kartika and Magha. Vaisakha mas is the most favourite month for Lord Vishnu. Vaishakha month is also considered auspicious because in this month, four avataras of Lord Vishnu were incarnated – Parashuram Jayanti, Balarama Jayanti, Narasimha Jayanti […]

Hindu Festivals and Auspicious Days in May 2009

1 st, Friday – Gangothpatthi 3 rd, Sunday – Sita Navami 4 th, Monday – Mohini Ekadasi 5 th, Tuesday – Ekadashi (for Vaishnava sect of people) 5 th, Tuesday – Meenakshi Kalyanam 7 th, Thursday – Narasimha Chaturdasi 9 th, Saturday – Buddha Purnima 11 th, Monday – Krithika Karthe 20 th, Wednesday – […]