Vaishakh Snaan (Vaishakha Snanam) & Pithru Shradha during Vaisakh Month

Vaishakh Snaan is the important and most auspicious ritual during Vaishakha month. Performing punya snan (ritual bath) in holy rivers such as Ganga, Godavari, Krishna, Cauvery, and Tungabhadra removes ones sins and brings all luck in the future life. Period of Vaisakha Masa Punya Snan and Pithru Shradha in 2019 When Vaisakha masam falls in […]

Vaisakha Masa Vratam, Rituals & Pujas to Perform in Vaishakh Month

Vaisakha masam is the month of daana (charities) while the months of Shravan and Karthik are the months of pujas and vratas. Vaisakha mas is the most preferable month to observe and perform dana (charity), yajna (fire sacrifices), vrata (observance of fasting) and punya snan (ritual bath). Daana (performing charities) is the best aspect of […]