Vaikathashtami 2016, Vaikath Ashtami festival in Kerala

Vaikathashtami, a festival dedicated to Lord Shiva in the form of Vaikom Mahadeva. In 2016, Vaikathashtami date is November 22. It is a special festival in Vaikom Mahadeva Temple in Vaikom near Kottayam, Kerala.

It is observed in Vrischikam month (November – December) in Malayalam Calendar. The Shivalinga here in this temple is known as Vaikathappan. One of the significant features of Lord Vaikathappan, the main presiding deity, the Shivalinga, is worshipped as Dakshinamurthi in the morning, afternoon Kiratamurthi, and in the evening as Sambhashivan.

Vaikathashtami festival is celebrated for 12 days. The major celebrations and rituals are observed on Vaikath Ashtami day. Vaikath Ashtami Vilakku is an important ritual during the festival. The celebrations end at Udayanapuram Subrahamanya Temple with Arati to Lord Muruga.

In 2015, Vaikathashtami date is November 19.

In 2014, Vaikathashtami date was November 29.

In 2013, Vaikathashtami date was December 9.

In 2012, Vaikasthashtami date was December 7.

Vaikathashtami 2011 date was November 19.

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