Thrikkarthika 2022 | Karthika Deepam

Thrikkarthika (Karthika Deepam) is an auspicious 3-day festival held in Kerala during Vrischikam Month of Malayalam calendar. In 2022, Thrikkarthika date is November 7. And three auspicious days during Thrikkarthika are – 7 November, 8 November and 9 November.

It falls on three days which coincide with Kaarthika, Rohini and Makayiram Nakshatra days in Vrischika Masam (November – December).

Thrikkarthika is a similar festival to that of ‘Karthigai Deepam’ in Tamil Nadu and ‘Kartik Purnima’ of other Indian states.

It is celebrated with utmost fervor in Chottanikkara Bhagavathy Temple in Ernakulam district.

In 2021, Thrikkarthika date is November 19. And three auspicious days during Thrikkarthika are – 19 November, 20 November and 21 November.

In 2020, Thrikkarthika dates are – 29 November, 30 November and December 1.

In 2019, Thrikkarthika dates are – December 10, December 11 and December 12.

In 2018, Thrikkarthika dates were – November 22, November 23 and November 24.

In 2017, Thrikkarthika dates were РDecember 2, December 3 and December 4.

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    We will have a baby girl proposed to be delivered in the third or fourth week of January-2015. Can you please suggest some dates and time during this period which would be most auspicious for the Ceaserean delivery of the baby girl.

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