Utpatti Ekadashi Vrat Katha, Story of Utpanna Ekadashi

Utpatti Ekadashi Vrat Katha, Story of Utpanna Ekadashi, Utpatti Ekadashi story, Utpanna Ekadashi Vrat Katha…

There is an interesting story in Bhavishyottara Purana. Arjuna asks Lord Sri Krishna about the importance of Ekadashi Vrata. While explaining the importance of Ekadashi Vrata, Lord Sri Krishna mentions that no pious deed in this world, not even performing thousand Yagnas, not even donating thousands of cows to an eligible Brahmin, could match the greatness of Ekadashi Vrata.

On hearing this, Arjuna asks – “O’ Lord! Why is Ekadashi so special that it exceeds all other prious deeds?”

In reply, Sri Krishna narrates the story of the Birth of Ekadashi tithi and its greatness. Once there lived a demon called Mura, who won over the gods and conquered the heavens. He was causing trouble to all the noble. Indra goes to Lord Shiva and asks for help. Lord Shiva directs him to approach Lord Narayana.

Accordingly, he approached Lord Narayana and pleaded for protection. Lord Narayana made a vow to kill the demon Mura. He went to the dwelling of the Demon Mura to kill him. There was a fierce fight between the Gods and the Demons. The Gods were unable to stand before the might demons and ran away in all directions. Lord Narayana sent fierce arrows on the demons and they all god killed instantly.

Later a one-one fight between Lord Narayana and the demon took place. All the arrows and weapons the Lord used on the Demon did not have any effect on the mighty demon. When the Lord thus could not win over the Demon through weapons, he started to fight with him bare handed.

The fight continued for 1000 years according to Deva Mana. Though the Lord is all-powerfull, he playfully fought with the demon. It’s all Leela of the All-Mighty. As if he became tired with the long fight, the Lord entered a cave named Haimavati in Badarikashrama to take some rest. The Demon followed the Lord and saw Him sleeping. He thought of vanquishing the Lord who is the destroyer of the asuras.

While the Demon was about to attack the Lord, a female form arose from the the Lord’s body and stood firm to fight with the Demon. In few moments the Lady effortlessly killed the might demon by beheading him.

Lord Narayana woke up and saw the demon killed and a female with folded hands in front of him. The Lord asked – “Who killed this mighty demon?”. The female replied – “It is me, who arosed from your body, that killed the demon. I am your Shakti”. The Lord pleased by this reply, granted a boon to the female. The female asked thus – “O Lord, one who fasts on this (my) day, should be cleansed from all sins and should reach your abode without fail. Please grant me this boon on Lord”.

On hearing this the Lord replied – “As you are born on Ekadashi, you will hence forth be called as Ekadashi. You will be the destroyer of all sins. One who worships you and me would surely reach my abode”. Saying thus, the Lord disappeared.

One who thus knows the Utpatti of Ekadashi Tithi would cleanse oneself from all sins. Listening to Scriptures has been given special position during the whole month of Kartika and especially on this Ekadashi Day. Bhagavan Vishnu will be greatly pleased if one does Shastra Shravana on this day. No sacrifice or Japa would be able to match Shastra Shravana on this day in terms of begetting merits.

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