Upanayanam dates 2012, Upanayana Muhurthams 2012

The list of Upanayanam dates in 2012 or Upanayana Muhurthams 2012 are given here. Upanayanam or Yagnopaveetha Dharana is the sacred thread ceremony generally performed to Brahmins boys who are under 16 year-old.

Upanayanam is known as Upanayanam in Malayalam, Punal in Tamil, Odugu or Upanayanamu in Telugu, Upanayana or Munji in Kannada, Janeu in Hindi, Munja in Marathi, Munji in Konkani, Lagundeoni in Assamese, Uponayon in Bengali, Brata Ghara in Oriya, Bratabandra in Nepali, Mekhal in Kashmiri, Munji or Noola Madimme in Tulu, Yagnopavit in Gujarati, and Janya in Sindhi.

You can get good and auspicious Upanayana muhurats in 2012. Every muhurtham is included with tithi, vaaram, nakshatram, lagnam, and the best time.

Upanayanam Muhurthas in January 2012

25 January 2012, Wednesday – Shukla Paksha Dwitiya – dhanista nakshatra – Meena lagna – best time = 9.51 am.

28 January 2012, Saturday – Shukla Paksha Panchami – uttara bhadrapada nakshatra – Meena lagna – best time = 9.40 am.

30 January 2012, Monday – Shukla Paksha Saptami – Ashwini nakshatra – Meena lagna – best muhurta = 9.32 am.

Upanayana dates in February 2012

2 February 2012, Thursday – Shukla paksha dasami – rohini nakshatra – meena lagna – good time = 9.21 am.

4 February 2012, Saturday – shukla paksha dwadasi – mrugashira nakshatra – meena lagnam – auspicious muhurat = 9.11 am.

12 February 2012, Sunday – Krishna paksha panchami – hastha nakshatra – meena lagna – auspicious time = 8.39 am.

26 February 2012, Sunday – Shukla paksha chaturthi – Ashwini nakshatram – meenam lagna – best muhurta = 7.43 am.

Upanayanam muhurthams in March 2012

4 March 2012, Sunday – Shukla paksha ekadashi – punarvasu nakshatram – meena lagnam – best muhurtha = 7.16 am.

9 March 2012, Friday – Krishna paksha pratipada – uttara nakshatram – meena lagnam – best muhurat = 6.56 am.

12 March 2012, Monday – Krishna paksha chaturthi – swathi nakshatra – meena lagnam – best time = 6.43 am.

14 March 2012, Wednesday – Krishna paksha saptami – anuradha nakshatra – meena lagnam – best muhurtha – 6.35 am.

Upanayanam Muhurats and dates in April 2012

8 April 2012, Sunday, Dwitiya – Swati Nakshatra – Mithuna lagna – auspicious muhurat = 11.41 AM

14 April 2012, Saturday, Navami – Uttarashada nakshatra – Mithuna lagna. Auspicious muhurtham = 11.18 AM

16 April 2012, Monday, Ekadasi – Dhanishta nakshatra – Mithuna lagna. Muhurtha = 11.10 AM

25 April 2012, Wednesday, Chaturthi – Mrigashira nakshatra – Mithuna lagnam. Time = 10.34 AM

26 April 2012, Thursday, Panchami – Mrigasira nakshatram – Vrishabha lagna. Best time = 7.41 AM

28 April 2012, Saturday, Saptami – Punarvasu nakshatra – Mithuna lagna. Auspicious time = 10.22 AM

28 April 2012, Saturday, Saptami – Punarvasu nakshatra – Karkataka lagna. Best time = 11.19 AM

29 April 2012, Sunday, Ashtami – Pushya Nakshatra, Karka lagna. Auspicious muhurat = 11.16 AM

Upanayana dates in May 2012, Upanayanam Muhurthams

30 May 2012, Wednesday, Navami – Uttara nakshatra, Karka lagna. Auspicious time = 8.50 AM to 11.02 AM

31 May 2012, Thursday, Ekadasi – Hasta nakshatra, Karkataka lagna. Shubh muhurat = 8.46 AM to 10.58 AM

Upanayana dates in June 2012, Upanayanam Muhurthams June 2012

1 June 2012, Friday, Dwadasi – Chitra Nakshatra, Mithuna Lagna. Time: 6.30 AM to 8.42 AM

13 June 2012, Wednesday, Navami – Uttarabhadra Nakshatram, Mithuna Lagna. Time: 5.42 AM to 7.54 AM

13 June 2012, Wednesday, Dasami – Revathi Nakshatram, Mithuna Lagna. Time: 5.42 AM to 7.54 AM

13 June 2012, Wednesday, Dasami – Revati Nakshatra, Karkataka Lagna. Time: 7.54 AM to 10.06 AM

14 June 2012, Thursday, Dashami / Ekadasi – Revathi Nakshatra, Mithuna Lagnam. Time: 5.38 AM to 7.50 AM

14 June 2012, Thursday, Dashami – Revathi Nakshatra, Karka Lagnam. Time: 7.50 AM to 10.02 AM

15 June 2012, Friday, Ekadasi – Ashwini Nakshatra, Karkataka Lagna. Time: 7.47 AM to 9.59 AM

There is no good muhurat for Upanayanam in 2nd week of June 2012 & 1st half of July 2012.

Upanayanam Muhurthams in July 2012

25 July 2012, Wednesday, Saptami – Hastha Nakshatram, Simha Lagna. Time: 7.21 AM to 9.27 AM

26 July 2012, Thursday, Ashtami – Chitra Nakshatra, Simha Lagnam. Time: 7.17 AM to 9.23 AM

28 July 2012, Saturday, Dashami – Anuradha Nakshatra, Simha Lagna. Time: 7.09 AM to 9.15 AM

Upanayanam Muhurtham dates in August 2012

2 August 2012, Thursday, Purnima – Sravana Nakshatra, Simha Lagna. Time: 6.49 AM to 8.55 AM

3 August 2012, Friday, Dwitiya – Dhanista Nakshatra, Simha Lagnam. Time: 6.45 AM to 8.51 AM

8 August 2012, Wednesday, Sashti – Ashwini Nakshatra, Simha Lagna. Time: 6.25 AM to 8.31 AM

12 August 2012, Sunday, Dashami – Rohini Nakshatram, Simha Lagnam, Time: 6.09 AM to 8.15 AM

13 August 2012, Monday, Ekadashi – Mrigashira Nakshatra, Simha Lagna. Time: 6.05 AM to 8.11 AM

There is no Shubh Muhurat for Upanayanam in 2nd half of August 2012, September 2012 and October 2012 as the period is Adhika Bhadrapada Month and Nija Bhadrapada Month.

Upanayanam dates & Muhurthams in November 2012

3 November 2012, Saturday, Chaturthi – Mrigashira Nakshatram, Dhanur Lagna. Time: 9.13 AM to 11.22 AM

21 November 2012, Wednesday, Navami – Shatabhisha Nakshatra, Makara Lagna. Time: 10.13 AM to 12.05 noon

23 November 2012, Friday, Ekadashi – Uttarabhadra Nakshatram, Makar Lagna. Time: 10.05 AM to 11.57 AM

24 November 2012, Saturday, Ekadasi – Revati Nakshatra, Makara Lagna, Time: 10.01 AM to 11.53 AM

25 November 2012, Sunday, Dwadashi – Ashwini Nakshatra, Makar Lagna., Time: 9.57 AM to 11.49 AM

30 November 2012, Friday, Dwitiya (Vidiya) – Mrugashira Nakshatra, Makara Lagnam. Time: 9.38 AM to 11.30 AM

Upananayana Muhurthams in December 2012

2 December 2012, Sunday, Chaturthi – Punarvasu Nakshatra, Makara Lagna. Time: 9.30 AM to 11.22 AM

3 December 2012, Monday, Panchami – Pushya Nakshatra, Makara Lagna, Time: 9.26 Am to 11.18 AM

8 December 2012, Saturday, Dashami – Hastha Nakshatra, Makar Lagna. Time: 9.06 AM to 10.58 AM

9 December 2012, Sunday, Ekadashi – Chitra Nakshatra, Makar Lagna. Time: 9.02 AM to 10.54 AM

17 December 2012, Monday, Panchami – Dhanista Nakshatra, Kumbha Lagnam. Time: 10.22 AM to 12.01 noon

22 December 2012, Saturday, Dashami – Revati Nakshatra, Kumbh Lagna. Time: 10.02 AM to 11.41 AM

23 December 2012, Sunday, Ekadasi – Ashwini Nakshatra, Kumbha Lagna. Time: 9.58 AM to 11.37 Am

26 December 2012, Wednesday, Trayodasi / Chaturdashi – Rohini Nakshatra, Kumbha Lagnam. Time: 9.46 AM to 11.25 AM

27 December 2012, Thursday, Chaturdashi – Mrigashira Nakshatra, Kumbh Lagna. Time: 9.42 AM to 11.21 AM

29 December 2012, Saturday, Pratipada (Padyami) – Punarvasu Nakshatra, Kumbh Lagna. Time: 9.34 AM to 11.13 AM

30 December 2012, Sunday, Dwitiya (Vidiya) – Pushyami Nakshatra, Kumbha Lagnam. Time: 9.30 AM to 11.09 AM

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  1. Kannan says:

    Sir, we are Yajur Vedha and my son D.O.B.is 03.09.2001 – Purvabhadhra – we propose to do Upanayanam during Feb, 2012 i.e. in Maasi month of Tamil as that day is Friday, Sukhlabaksha Thrudhiyai, Uthraproshtapadha Star. Lagna is proposed to be Mithuna Lagna.

    Is this date & Lagna good for his Upanayana? If not, please advise us with reason.

  2. SeethaRamaKrishnan says:

    In the following muhurtam, Saturn is in 8th place in (Libra) which is not acceptable for upanayana. What is the exception ?
    2 February 2012, Thursday – Shukla paksha dasami – rohini nakshatra – meena lagna – good time = 9.21 am

    • naveen.sanagala says:

      Dear Seetha Ramakrishnan, we are not into detailed astrology. We will revert back to you with good solution.

  3. Rajesh Kullkarni says:

    Sir, I want to do Upanayanam in December 2011 or in May 2012 his date of birth is 17/3/2006 which is the ideal dates please advice.
    Raj Kulakarni

    • naveen.sanagala says:

      I will update dates for Upanayanam in December 2011 very soon. May 2012 dates will be updated in December 2011.

  4. Rajesh Kullkarni says:

    Sorry it is 17/3/2004 not 2006 please advice

  5. vignesh says:

    SIR, I want to upanayanam for my son.DOB- 09-08-2001,revathi ,meena rasi. upanayanam during jan to may. kindly good muhurtha days forur advice. thanks .

  6. sudhir kanade says:

    Are there no muhurts in 2012 after March 2012 for Munj sanskar?
    I want Munj muhurts in December 2012.


    Dear sir,
    Folowing are the details about my sons birth date and pl.give auspicious dates in 2012 for upananayan.
    Date of birth:12/12/1998
    birth time :7.25 am


  8. Dr.Shilpa Asegaonkar says:

    My son Ojas born on 26-10-2000. Kindly give an auspicious muhurt for upnayan sanskar in Oct. Nov. or December2011. Thank you.

  9. Priti Joshi says:

    My son’s DOB is 7/17/1996.Please suggest an auspicious muhurat for upnayan sanskar in April / June / July / Dec 2012.
    Thank You.

  10. Naresh Chandavarkar says:

    I am from United Arab Emirates. I would like to know is there any auspicious muhurt for upanaya in July 20112 or December 2012. Thanks and Regards

  11. Srinivas J says:

    I need dates for my sons Upanayanam in 2010.

    Name- Prajwal S
    Date of Birth – 25-10-2001
    Time of Birth – 1.25 pm
    Raashi- Makara
    Nakshatra- Sravana

  12. Ashvin joshi says:

    My son name sushrut. Birth 14 aug 2003 at ahmedabad gujarat. Advise for date of yagnopavit muhurat.

  13. SOUHRID says:

    my son souhrid was born on 15th august’2003 at 10:30 am & would request to suggest on appropriate date & year for upanayan

  14. omm Mohapatra says:

    want to know perfect date for my son “s thread ceremony .date of birth is 16th august 2003 .Mina Rasi

  15. L.Subramanya says:

    Sir, We want to perform Upanayana to our Grandson. His DOB : 05-03-2003, TOB: 9-15am, POB : Bangalore. Please suggest suitable dates for Upanaya in May 2012.

  16. pramod says:

    sir, my grandson’s date of birth is18.03.2002 at 06.31 hrs at berhamur,ganjam district in orissa.his is mesha rasi,bharani nakhatra,kumbha lagna. SUN and VENUS are in 12th house in lagna.JUPITER is in 3rd house from rasi…….. I propose to perform his UPANAYANA on the day of AKHAYATRITIYA on 24.04.2012.please see whether it is suitable to him? …also kindly suggest other suitable dates in MAY and JUNE 2012….with regards……

  17. nagaraja says:

    My son is now 18 can we conduct upanayanam in dhakshinayana.Because some people says that upanayana tobe conducted in uttarayana only. kindly reply

  18. venkatesan says:

    our grandson was born on 23.12.2003. Please suggest on appropriate date for upanayanm in the month of june /july 2012

  19. venkatesan says:

    our grandson’s birth star is Sadhayam kumbarasi . His birthdate is 27the December in 2003. we want to conduct his upanayanam in the month of june /july 2012.
    Please suggest an appropriate date for upanayanam

  20. Kamala G says:

    We belong to Telugu Brahmin family(Vaidiki Veganatlu) and would like to perform the upanayanamu of our son Siddharth Gurla born on 15 March 2000 (Punarvasu Nakshatram).

    Due to some personal problems we would like to perform the upanayanam at the earliest.Please suggest suitable date/time for the same.

  21. r koushik says:

    my son r.koushi date of birth 1.7.2003 we would like to perform the upanayanam. pl suggest suitable date/time for the same.

    v raaman

  22. Ganpat Verlekar says:

    My son Sandeep date of birth 26.02.2002 we would like to perform the upanayanam in april 2012. Please suggest suitable date and muhuratam

  23. Nagabhushana.S says:

    Dear sir,

    We have proposed to do upnanyana for my first son on 2/feb/2012, thursday, rohoini nakshara, meshalagna, 11-15am to 12:47pm. Is this OK ? can you please suggest us and clarify our following doubts:-

    on that day 2/feb/2012 “krithika” nakshara will be existing during sun raise till 8:50 am, which is not sutitable for any auspicious events. so we are staring upanayan events from 9:00 am during which rohini will ascent. The lagna mahurtha will be at 11:15 am to 12: 45 pm which is in mesha lagna is it OK?.

    Please suggest at the earliest.

    Thanks and best regards,
    #1253, III-Cross, Nagappa block, Bangalore-560021.
    e-mail: nag@iiap.res.in

  24. prathima says:

    Sir, Can you please let me know if May 30th 2012, 8:50AM is the right muhurat for Upanayanam for my son Dhruv who was born on 26th April 2005 i.e. Tuesday 26th april 1:26AM, Vishaka Nakshatra.

  25. kedar says:

    My son’s birth date is 19th aug 2004. I want upnayn muhurt in may.

  26. ridhi says:

    can you tel us upanayanam muhurat in april 2012 to december 2012 and what is age for this odd number or even like 9. 11 years or 8 or 10 years ? plz reply to this and right place to do this thanks

  27. SACHIN says:


  28. D. C. Vyas says:

    We R Audichya Tolak Brahmin. Gotra – Paulatshya, Vedshakha – Madhandini, my son born on 20.05.1998, 5.55 am at Vadodara.
    Kindly suggest muhurat for his upanayan sanskar in April or May 2012.

  29. Ranjan Banerjee says:

    My only son Soumyodeep Banerjee’s D.O. B is 04.03.2000,
    (Bengali Month is 20th Falgun). Please let me know the suitable dates in Baishak, 1419, if possible.
    Ranjan Banerjee

  30. Sundaresh Iyer says:

    My sons dob is 2nd Aug 2005 and nakshatra Thirvadrai, I want
    to perform punal ceremony in May 2012, Pl advise auspicious

  31. Leela Rao says:


    Can you please provide Upanayana dates for April 2012 (B/n Mar 30th to April 25th).
    His DOB is 18/6/1996

    Thank you.

  32. Pundalika Shenoy says:

    My grandson’s birthday is 18th August 2001. Can you suggest suitable upanayanam lagnams/dates for him during June/August 2012 please ?

  33. Pundalika Shenoy says:

    My grandson’s date of birth is 18th August 2001 (16.46 hours at New York NY). Can you please suggest suitable dates during June/August 2012 for his Upanayanam ?

  34. vamsi says:

    hi can i get the details of muhurtha for upanayanam in march 2012
    my parents are planning on 2nd march 2012
    please let me know the dates and timings

  35. Anup says:

    Sir, on 26th April 2012 what is the time of Munj Muhurat ? please do the needful.

  36. Pundalika Shenoy says:

    During last week twice I had sent requests, which appeared on this page and today they have vanished. I wonder, what happened !
    I had stated my grandson’s date of birth 18th August 2001 at New York, U.S.
    I had requested for suggested upanayanam muhuratam during June/ August 2012 period. I am still waiting for a response.

    • naveen.sanagala says:

      Sorry for that,

      But presently we are unable to process customised astrology services (personal muhurats, etc.). Sorry for that.. All the muhurats given here are generalised muhurthams…

  37. Pundalika Shenoy says:

    Do you seriously reply to our msgs. ? I had sent three of them but till now no response !!!

    • naveen.sanagala says:

      To all readers & visitors,

      Presently we are unable to provide personalised muhurats for Upanayanams, marriages, etc.. we are giving generalised muhurthams in Hindupad.

  38. k venkateswara rao says:

    My son’s date of birth is 31.10.1984. We want to perfrom his upanayan during 2012 before august. We also have to do grihapravesh during 2012 feb, and may 2012 . Will it be possible perform both the functions. We are in dilemma. Can u help in resolving?

  39. sheetal says:

    my son was born on 31st may 2005. we want to do munja in 2012, but preferably in december 2012. there are no munja muharats during that time. can you suggest if can do the munja during that time on lagna muharats,

  40. k.r.balaji says:

    Sir, I wish to perform my son’s upanayanam in month of april 2012. His name is Vinay and his date of birth is 5/3/1998,birth star is Rohini,vrishabha raasi.Kindly intimate me about a good date as to when his upanayanam can be performed.

  41. k.r.balaji says:

    I heard that 15/april/2012 is a good day for performing upanayanam.Is it right .Please advice on this.

  42. suklachaudhuri says:

    my son’s birthday is 04.04.2000. I want to arrange his upanayan in may 2012. kindly let me know the dates of may If there is no date available in may please sent me date within december 2012.

  43. poornachandrarao says:

    I want to perform my son’s upanayanam.My nakshatra is ashlesha and my so’s nakshatra is sravanam. Pl just me dates .

  44. Suraj Mukherjee says:

    Sir I want upanayanm dates for my son who will complete 13 yrs on 16.07.2012. Then I want to dates required from July 2012 to continue in June 2013 in bengali methods. please provide me for necessary arrangements.
    Thank you Suraj Nath Mukherjee, 09990043338 from New Delhi.

  45. krishna sathvik says:

    my son’s birthday is 26-08-1997.i want to perform upanayanam in february 2012.star is mrugasira,vrishabha raasi . kindly intimate me about a good date.please advise on this. shashikumar.mantripragada, nalgonda.a.p.

  46. Kumar says:

    i would like thread ceremony mahurat dates for my sons 1-1-2000 and 21-11-2003; looking to know dates n times for june 2012, thanks……..

  47. sai akshay says:

    My son is born on Sep 9 2003 – chadhaya nakshatra kumbarasi , could you suggest a date for upanayanam in March 2012 with multiple muhurtha times that we could choose from .. Thanks for your help .. regrds lakshmi

  48. kaipa nagabhushana sastry says:

    Respected Sir,
    my grand son’s birth star is chitta 2nd padam and his father’s birth star is Revathi.The upanayanam for the boy is tentatively fixed for 8th April 2012.KIndly advise if this is ok,if not I would request you to suggest best available muhurtham. With pranams nagabhushana sastry

  49. Manu Khare says:

    Dear Sir: Are there any upanayanam muhurtams in June, July and August 2012. Our son’s birthdate is 11/23/2001.

    Thank you, Manu Khare

  50. narasimharao bharadwaj says:

    sir, my son’s dob 27-5-1986, uttarashdha 3 rd , my husband’s is 25-9-1955, poorvasadha 4 th , mine is 14-11-1958 moola 4 th. pl let me know suitable muhurtam for upanayanam in may 2012 or june 2012

  51. ayush says:

    We want perform upnayan of My nephew ayush . His rashi is vrishchic and jyesta nakshatra. Is it suitable if we do it in march 2012 or should we wait for a favourable period. Is their a gurubal next year for him

  52. Anjani Kumar says:

    Please update upnayan muhurt for June 12 onwards

  53. anjel says:

    my two brothers Anuj Jha & Kailash Jha his date of birth 29 january 1994 & 4july 1996.
    We want to conduct his upanayanam in the month of april/may/june 2012. Please suggest suitable date and muhuratam.
    you can send email me anuj.jha2012@gmail.com
    I’m waiting your reply

  54. chitra says:

    Sir, my son’s DOB is 20.1.89 and his star is Aridra and father’s is hasta and shall we do his upanayanam on april 8th 2012 . What about gurubal and tarabal.

  55. Subhasish says:

    Dear Sir,

    Our son was born on 13th May 2000, can you please suggest a date for Upanayan in July / August 2012? Is he eligible for Upanayan at this time?


  56. Prasanna Rao says:

    Please provide suitable dates for upanayam in October 2012 for our son Arun Rao date of birth 15 th Feb 1998, time 9.45 am sunday, star- Astham.

  57. srinivas says:

    sir, my son is in u s a,we want perfrom upanayanam there in usa losangiles.star swathi,thularsi, pl give muhrthas in this year. ramakrishna

  58. Prodosh Sen says:

    Dear Sir,

    My son Protyoy (Bengali Vaidya Brahmin) was born on 23/03/2001 at 7-15 AM and I would like to organize his Upanayanam on 31st May 2012.

    Will the date be auspicious for him? Kindly advise.

    best regards,

  59. avk says:

    SIR, I want to upanayanam for my son.DOB- 31-12-2003,revathi ,meena rasi. upanayanam during iam to may. kindly good muhurtha days for advice. thanks .

  60. P V Kamalakar Rao says:


    Pranams. We are of Apsthambhasutra,Yajur shaka Niyogi brahmins and
    intend to perform Upanayanam for our son chi.Shrimanth DOB 30.12.2004
    , 11.08 PM @ Berhampur, Orissa. Makha Nakshatra.

    My Star is Swati 1st pada and that of my wife is krittika . We
    request you to kindly suggest a suitable muhurtam for all three of us
    from April 2012 onwards and oblige.


  61. Smita Khapli says:

    My sons date of birth is 18 Oct 2005. I want Upanayan in December 2012 or Jan 2013.Which dates are ideal for him. Please advice.
    Smita Khapli

  62. C.Nagabhushan says:

    Sir, Kindly let me know the good days to perform upanyanam to my son:
    The details of my son is as below:
    Name: C. Sai Kalyan
    Nakstra: Chitta 1padam Raasi: Kanya
    My details:
    Name : C. Nagahushan
    Nakstra: Anuradha 2 padam Raasi: Vrischika

  63. Parimala says:


    We propose to perform the Upanayanam for my Elder Son R.U.Lakshminarasimha
    DOB – 09-06-1997
    Time 4.30 pm
    Nakshtra – Pushya
    Lagna – Tula
    Rashi – Karkataka

  64. nanhe kumar singh says:

    sir my son name shivam kumar singh date of birth is 23/01/2000 time 9.22 pm sunday birth place visakhapatnam(AP).
    what is the best time and date for upnayanam sanskar.

    nanhe kumar singh


    Sir, My son Kanishka Chakrabarti DOB 28.07.1999 – Kashvya Gotra, is there any date in the month of June and July 2012 for Upanayan as per Bengali Panjika.

    Kamal Chakrabarti

  66. SRINIKETHAN says:



  67. Krishna Kumar Tiwari says:

    Sir, Pranam, My son Anand whose D.O.B. is 15.07.2000. I want to perform the upanayan sanskar of my son. Kindly suggest a date in last week of April 2012.Please advise the best time to perform the same.

  68. Anagha says:

    We would like to know if there are any good dates for upanayanan between 15th July to 5th Sept time frame. Both grandparents are going to be in US that time so we would like our kids age 12 and 5’s upanayanan to be done during that time period.


  69. Mahesh k. Jani says:


    Please give me muhurtha for my son ( NIhar M. Jani DOB 26/05/2002) for upnayan sanskar in January 2013.

  70. igprao says:

    kindly let me know muhurtham for boy. dob 08-mar-2002.
    time 09.55 AM. place:Greenville. Southcarolina. usa.
    muhurthams during jun & jul.2012. thanking u.

  71. Roopa says:

    We request an auspicious date for my son for Upanayana. Any dates in May and Jun?
    Veda: Rig
    Gothra: Vashishta
    Name: Shishir Vasanth
    Rashi: Meena
    Nakshatra: Poorvabhadra
    Birth time: Aug 14th, 2003 at 19:45 hours( New Jersey, USA )

  72. hitesh says:

    my son d.o.b is 16-03-2001 i want to know the best time for yagnopvit for him as soon as possible

  73. TOULIK SINGHA says:

    Sir, Toulik’s(my son) date of birth is 5th January’2001. Kindly advise me a date for upanayana in the month of February’2013 or March’2013.


  74. D. Bhattaharya says:

    I want to perform thread ceremony of my son in the year 2013. His date of birth is 04/08/2000. Pls let me know dates for the year.

  75. sushmeta says:

    i need to do the thread ceremony of my son born on 9 April 2001 in
    Houston USA. can you tell me best moorath in June 2012 or the best moorath for him

  76. s venkatesh says:

    My son name is V.Mahesh DOB 29-11-1999 Magha nakshathra time of Birth 10.47 AM. Kindly suggest a date for upanayana between May-2012 to June 2012

  77. pavan kumar says:

    Our son’s star is visakha – 4. His date of birth – 21.10.1990 at 10.10am. Please indicate a suitable date for his upanayanam preferably in June or July 2012.

  78. Avinash Deshmukh says:

    What are the auspicious dates for Upanayanam for Maharastrians before September 2012.

    Please advise.

  79. rangachary says:

    Pranam. We are Shrivaishnavites. My sons DOB is 12.09.1990. Chitta.
    Pl let us know the suitable muhurtham for Upanayanam.

  80. Guru says:

    Dear Sir , My son born on 7/12/2003. Now we want perform upanayanam for him and date given is 31st may 2012 Please guide me is it good day ?

  81. Anuradha says:

    Sir, My son born on 24-03-1998, Shravana Nakshatram, Ekadasi Thidhi. When can we perform Upanayanam for him as per Telugu panchangam.

  82. Sanjay Alulkar says:

    My son’s D.O.B. is 14/06/2002. (time – 07:05 evening)
    Rashi (star) — cancer
    We want to perform upnayanam for him .
    Could you suggest me the suitable dates and muhurtam’s , in the month of November / December

  83. Sanjay Alulkar says:

    We want to preform upnayana ceremony for my son.
    His name is kaustubh.
    His D.O.B. 14/06/ 2002.
    His rashi ( sign) is cancer (kark).
    Could you advice me suitable dates in the month of
    November/ December 2012.

  84. Krishnan says:

    Dear Sir,

    We want to perform upanayana ceremony for my son in May/june:
    Name Vikram Krishnan
    DOB 10/11/1998
    Gothram Vadula
    Nakshatram Pushyam


    G Krishnan

  85. K.PRAKASH says:

    Dear Sir,
    My son is born on 9th october 1998 and we intend to perform his Upanayana during Oct’12 to November ’12.

    His nakshyatra is Rohini nakshatra

  86. Rama says:

    i request you to give me the dates for upanayanam for my son born may 1st 2003, star : bharani, Rashi : rishabam.
    mother’s star : rohini, father’s star : pooratadhi

    Thanx in advance

  87. rama says:

    dob. 1st may 2003, star : bharani , rashi: rishabam.
    mother’s star : rohini, fathers’ star : pooratadhi.
    please give dates to perform upanayanam in may 2013

  88. karunasree says:

    Dear sir

    My son date of birth is 21st october 2000 time evening 6.25
    can I perform his thread ceremony on 23rd November 2012 at 11.17 am please give advice

  89. Anay Tiwari says:

    My DOB is 13.04.2000, Time 7;30 PM {Night], Place-Durg, {Chhattisgarh]. Kindly provide Upnayan Muhurth in Jan 2013 to May 2013.


    Anay Tiwari,
    Kashyap Gotra

  90. pulijala pavan kumar says:

    good morning ,let me known upanayanamuhurtham
    my dob is14-7-1988 morning 5am.my star is punaravasu’raasi is midunam.

  91. Vidvatam says:

    which lagna is good for upanayanam sravana nakshatra

  92. srinivasapadmanaban says:

    Dear sir
    please inform the best upanayanam muhurtham dates for my son in the month of MAy 2013 & particulars are
    DOB: 29/10/2013
    Star: Anusham
    Place of birth; Namakkal in tamil nadu

  93. Brahmani says:

    good muhurtham in march 2003 for anuradha nakshatra

  94. Tanulata says:

    what is the lagnam tomorrow at 6 25 a m as per est

  95. Nirguna says:

    shasti is good for upanayanam muhurtham for punarvasu nakshatra

  96. Harinakshi says:

    which date in april13 is auspcious for grihparvesh

  97. Ekavira says:

    why do you have to get your upanayanam at an odd age

  98. Mayukh says:

    Born on 29/11/1999 What is the moon sign and nakshatra

  99. Chitraksh says:

    what are the factors to be looked into in fixing the upayanam muhurtam?

  100. Vaishnodevi says:

    what is right to perform upanayanam star is moola nakshatra

  101. Maadhav says:

    bengali calendar 1419 chiatra mash date of ashok sathi

  102. Shukra says:

    Bhavipr kannadadalli thurisiri rasi meena lagna simha north bhadrapada kannda muva

  103. Anandi says:

    britbandh sanskar marathi invitation cards in word file

  104. Suranjan says:

    is shukl paksh good for planning for boy

  105. Antara says:

    Vadrapad suklapaksh panchmi guruvar meen rasi chandra come in

  106. Badriprasad says:

    griha pravesh muhurat in patham udhayam in 2013

  107. Malaya says:

    mithila panchang 2013-14 upanayana dates in june 2013

  108. Nidhi says:

    is janoi ceremony can be done at vaishno devi

  109. Bhagirathi says:

    upanayanam muhurtham in may 2013 according to my birthday

  110. Kanaka says:

    kumbha rasi nakshtra rudrakshas mesha kagna kumbha rasi purvabhadra nakshtram

  111. Jagatkishor says:

    what are the procedure to do upanayanam in telugu tradition

  112. Ekansh says:

    upanayanam muhurtham may 2013 swati nakshatra and magha

  113. Hiranmaya says:

    what is to be done for 1st avaniatam

  114. Kanan says:

    upanayanam dates as per birth time and dates of telugu brahmin boy

  115. Kashiprasad says:

    How to choose dates on Bengali calendar on which Upanayanam festival can take place on Bengali Brahmin boys

  116. Kritanu says:

    how to do upanayanam my 26 years niyogi boy

  117. Ihita says:

    which is best month thithi nakhatra age to put upanayanam

  118. Balendu says:

    Is muhoorta required for performing upnayanam of 8 year old

  119. Madan says:

    names for baby boy born in punarvasu nakshatra as per telugu vaidiki brahmin

  120. Shubha says:

    anuradha nakshatra in shukla paksha in april 2012

  121. Dwarakanath says:

    12th may 2011 10 02a m rasi nakshatra and lagna

  122. Naveen Sanagala says:

    Here is the list of Upanayanams muhurthams in 2013…

  123. Soumava says:


  124. Abeer says:

    avani madan Krishna paksha Dasami falls on ?

  125. Vinati says:

    is 11years is proper for a brahmin boy to perform thread ceremony

  126. Kumud says:

    janoi vidhi in raksha bandhan in hindi pdf

  127. Trilochana says:

    packages of function of munji or upanayana in pune

  128. Vrunda K Khanolker says:

    My son’s date of birth is 2nd November 2012. I want upanayan muhurt for him this year after october