Ugadi 2010 Sand Sculpture by Tarani Misro – Vikrutinama Samvatsara Ugadhi Saikatha Shilpam

Tarani Misro, a sand sculptor based at Srikakulam (Andhra Pradesh), has made Vikrutinama samvatsara Ugadi sand sculpture depicting the aspects of the biggest Telugu festival.

Tarani also wished all Telugu and Kannada people a Happy Ugadi. The date of Ugadi in 2010 is March 16, Tuesday. The sculpture was made at I N Peta at the bank of Vamsadhara River.

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  1. s Varahi devi says:

    Tarani Misro magic on sand is great and it shows is creativity and I am happy that his work was shown on hindupad for the world.

  2. Suryanarayana swamy says:

    Great work. We need to encourage this type of artists even with our online comments. Thanks Tarani for your tremendous creativity and thanks to Naveen and Hindupad for encouraging Tarani.