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Tunga Pushkara Mahotsava 2020

Tunga Pushkara Mahotsava 2020

In our country, from the very beginning, Dharma , moral code of conduct is in vogue. It is called Sanatana Dharma. It is this dharma that binds us together and prompts them to walk along the path of righteousness, thereby, giving them the happiness of fulfillment. This dharma has been formulated for the well being of the mankind, ensuring peace and happiness in the world. It is for the benefit of the whole of mankind. There would be prosperity, happiness and peace in the world as long as this dharma is followed.

The great sage Sri Vedavyasa has conveyed the various ways of performing Dharma karyas in the Puranas for the benefit of mankind. Taking bath in Holy rivers, Visiting the holy places, performing japa of mantras and performing Dana such as Annadana in holy places are of great benefit.

Performing Snana(Holy bath) in Parva Kala yields more Punya and is considered highly auspicious. Parva kalas that are suitable for taking the ritualistic bath are the months of Kartika & Magha , Sankramana, Mahashivaratri, Grahana kala and Ratha saptami.

This year, Guru Graha enters Makara Rashi. The Pushkara will begin in the holy river “SRI TUNGA BHADRA”. Taking the Holy bath in first Twelve days of this Pushkara Parva will bestow Punya.

Sri Tungabhadra Mahatmya

The protector of the World Sri Mahavishnu, after the Samhara of Hiranyaksha in his Varaha Avatara, resided on the Sahyadri mountains. During that time River Tunga Bhadra emerged from the canines of Sri Varahamurty. The water of Tunga Bhadra has the presence of Sri Mahavishnu, as it is originated from Sri Yajna Varaha murty.

In this river Lord Paramashiva resides in the form of stones. Sands of this river has the Vishesha Sannidhya of Surya Narayana. In both sides of this river Great sages, Siddhas and Sadhyas do their penances by taking the form of plants.

The Puranas declare that a mere glance of this holy river is sufficient to wash our Papas and cure diseases. In the Tretayuga , Sri Vibhandaka maharshi performed penance on the banks of this river and attained Shiva Sayujya.

The Linga which was worshipped by Maharshi Vibhandaka is known as Sri Malahanikareshwara Linga. Sri Rushyashrunga, the son of Vibhandaka Maharshi also created His Ashrama on the banks of this holy river. Sri Adi Shankara Bhagavatpadacharya who is Paramashiva Himself also selected this holy place for His first Amnaya Peetha that is Sri Dakshinamnaya Sri Sringeri Sharada Peetham.

Sri Tunga river originates from a place called as TUNGA MOOLA (also popularly known as Gangamoola by locals) which is near Shrungagiri. This place is dedicated to Sri Varaha Swamy and from this place, river Tunga Bhadra emerges. It merges with river Krishna at a place called Sangameshwara near Srishailam which is a Shiva kshetra. So this river is also termed as “Harihara swarupini”.

The Divine form of river SRI TUNGABHADRA, The Goddess Shree TUNGABHADRA stands on a lotus flower with Shankha(conch), Chakra(disc), Abhaya(gesture of fearlessness) with a Lotus in her hand.

Tunga Pushkara Mahotsava at Sringeri

Pushkara Mahotsava will be celebrated from 20-11-2020 to 1-12-2020.
During this Mahaparvakala Kalpokta Mahapooja, Evening Tunga Arati, Laksharchane, Teppotsava (Float festival), Maharudrayaga and other worships will be carried out daily.

The list of special events to be carried out during the TUNGA PUSHKARA

  • Kalpokta mahapooja to river Tunga daily at 8.00 A.M.
  • Kalasha Jala is carried in a procession to the temple of Sri Sharadamba, Sri Adi Shankara Bhagavatpadacharya and Sri Vidya Shankara & Abhisheka is performed.
19 November 2020 (Panchami Thursday) to 23-11-20 (Navami Monday) Commencement Of Maha Rudra Purashcharana in Vidyashankara Temple
25 November 2020 (Ekadashi Wednesday) Laksha Tulasi Archane At The Shrine Of Sri Janardana Swamy
29 November 2020 (Chaturdashi Sunday) Laksharchane At The Sharadamba Sannidhi.
30 November 2020 (Pournami Monday) Laksha Bilwa Archane At The Shrine Of Shree Malahanikareshwara

Evening Programme

Tunga Arati daily at 7.00 P.M.

20 November 2020 (Shasti Friday) Teppotsva For Lord Subrahmanya
21 November 2020 (Saptami, Saturday) Teppotsava For Lord Kodanda Rama
22 November 2020 (Ashtami, Sunday) Teppotsava For Silver Idol Of Sri Chandika Parameswari
23 November 2020 (Navami, Monday) Teppotsava For Sri Vidyashankara Swamy
24 November 2020 (Dashami , Tuesday) Teppotsava For Silver Idol Of Uma Maheswara
25 November 2020 (Ekadashi , Wednesday) Teppotsava For Lord Janardana
26 November 2020 (Dwadashi , Thursday) Teppotsava For Sri Gopala Krishna
27 November 2020 (Dwadashi, Friday, Pradosha) Teppotsava For Shakti Ganapati
28 November 2020 (Trayodashi , Saturday) Teppotsava For Anjaneya Swami
29 November 2020 (Chaturdashi Sunday) Teppotsava Of Shankaracharya Moorti Present In Pooja Mantapa Of Jagadguru Mahaswamiji.
30 November 2020 (Pournima , Monday) Laksha Deepotsava, Teppotsava of Sri Bhavani Malahanikareshwara Swamy, Sri Sharadamba, Sri Shankaracharya, and Sri Vidya Shankara
1 December 2020 (Pratipat , Tuesday) Teppotsva For Sri Sharadamba


Devotees are most welcome to participate in the following Sevas on the sacred occasion of Tunga Pushkarm at a suggested Seva Kanike of Rs.2000.00/-. The following Sevas will be done in the Seva Karta’s name:

  1. Sankalpam during Kalpoktha Puja on a day of their choice.
  2. Annadanam to 10 people
  3. Seva for Maharudram and Laksharchana
  4. Lighting 25 Deepas on Pournima Deepotsava

Laksharchana Kumkuma prasadam, Bhasma/ Raksha prasadam of Maharudra Yaga and sacred Theertha of Tunga river will be sent to all the donors after the event.

Online Seva Booking

Devotees can book the Seva Online through the below link. Devotees may pay through Credit-Card, Debit Card, Net Banking or UPI and not just PayTM Wallet.

Offline Seva Booking

Alternatively, devotees can also make a contribution to the Pushkara Seva Kanike by transferring Rs.2000 directly to the following Bank Account. Details may be communicated at https://www.sringeri.net/forms/seva.

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