Tuljapur Tuljabhavani Temple Online Darshan for Navratri Utsav

Tuljapur Tuljabhavani Devi

Tuljapur Tuljabhavani Devi

You can watch Sharadiya Navratra celebrations 2022 at Tuljapur Tuljabhavani temple online through the official website of Tuljapur Mandir. Navratras begins on 26 September 2022, and will continue till Ashwin Purnima (9 October).

The festival is celebrated to commemorate the event of the Goddess going to her cosmic sleep (Nidra) of five days. On Ashwin Shuddh 10, Dasara Simollanghan is celebrated (5 October 2022). Through the official website, you can watch every ritual of Navratri celebrations in Tuljapur temple.

During Simollanghan, the idol of Tuljabhavani is taken out from sanctum sactorum and placed it in a Palkhi. Palkhi Yatra is taken around the temple.

After Palkhi Yatra, the idol of Goddess Tuljabhawani is taken out for cosmic sleep. The Goddess wakes up from the cosmic sleep on Ashwin Purnima.

Watch Tuljapur Tuljabhavani Navratri Utsav through the official website of Shri Tuljabhavani Mandir Sansthan.

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