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Tula Rasi 2012-2013 Telugu, Libra Astrology Predictions in Telugu PDF

Tula Rashi 2012-2013 Rashi Phalalu or Astrology Predictions in Telugu are given here. Tula Rasi is the seventh Rasi among 12 Rashis in Hindu astrology. Tula Rasi consists of Chittha Nakshatra or Chitra Nakshatra 3, 4 padas, Swathi Nakshatram, Visakha Nakshatra 1, 2, 3 padas. 2012-2013 is known as the Nandana samvatsaram in Telugu panchangam.

The Rashi Phalalu are written and compiled by Sri P Giri Raju Sidhanti. Monthly Rashi predictions are given. Click here to download the Thula Rashi Phalalu in PDF format. Tula Rasi is known as Libra zodiac in English. Links are provided in public interest please use in sensible manner.

Click here for Tula Rasi 2012 astrology predictions in English.

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  2. roopa devi says:

    When Will I get married? I Wont know my future?

  3. rajini says:

    i am rajini my date of birth is 21-9-1990.friday time 6:10pm.tula raasi and chittha nakshthram.tell me when will i get my married and my future

  4. N.RAVI KUMAR says:

    Please tell me my future 02.09.1978 born at hyderabad

  5. N.sumitha nair says:

    N.Sumitha Nair:D.O.B:27-03-1986,can u tell will I get married 2 da person whom I like?Mk.Suresh krishnan: D.O.B:13-08-1985.?plz rply

  6. manchana.dileep says:

    10-11-1990 10-30 pm B.C.M

  7. rani says:

    Hai tell me when will i get married

  8. raghavendra rao thota says:

    I have problem in my job , please give me solution soon. Last two yrs. I am missing my increment and promotion…this time management told. If u didn’t get promotion..u r job will ‘be in trouble….pls help me sir…..i am middle class no support I have.

    Thota Raghavendra Rao
    Place of birth: Machilipatnam
    Time morning : 5.20 AM.

  9. mounika says:

    i have lot of problem pls save me

  10. kumar babu says:

    My birth date is 5/5/1974. I am Tula rasi of Swathi nakshatram. Please let me know my future and when will i get the job. Is there any chance to get the job in this year or next year.

  11. r.v.k.durga prasad says:

    my date of birth is 10/10/1991 thursday at 5.15 am. thula rasi swathi nakshatram 4 va padam plz tell me my future.and i’ll do lab technician job.plz tell me when i’ll get the job

  12. suravarapu tirupathi rao says:

    na DOB 01-06-1986 edi kani krract kadu rasi tula but monday putinnanu time naku teliyadu nanu urilo andaru chinna ani pelustharu please present and future naku thiliyajandi

  13. ravali says:

    when will i get a job?..please tell me..

  14. revathi says:

    na dob 23-06-1991 i am tula rasi of swathi nakshatram.please let me know my furture and when will i get the job.is there any chance to get the job this year…..


    When i will get a job ?

    When i will be married.

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    my dob march30..thula rasi of vishaka nakshithram plz tel me about my future …when i will get job..

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