TTD Ugadi Celebrations 2014 – Sampradaya Veshadharana & Telugu Vantakalu Competitions

Apart from the “Kavi Sammelanam”, this time the competitions in “Sampradaya Veshadharana”(Traditional fashion dress show) and “Telugu Vantakalu”- (traditional mouth-watering recipes of Telugu people) are going to add the extra tinge to “Sri Jaya Nama Samvatsara Ugadi” celebrations contemplated by TTD which are scheduled to take place in Mahati Auditorium in Tirupati on March 31.

Tirupati JEO Sri Pola Bhaskar who reviewed the arrangements for the most important Telugu Festival, also constituted a committee comprising seven senior officers of TTD including HDPP Special Officer Sri Raghunath, CAO Sri Sesha Sailendra, Chief Editor Sri Saila Kumar, Editor-in-Chief Sri Ravva Srihari, Sri Surendra – Principal of SV Oriental College, Smt YVS Padmavathi-Principal of SV College of Music and Dance and Deputy EO Welfare Department Sri Rami Reddy to look into the arrangements and design the programme in a unique way.

The competitions to the employees in Quiz, Essay Writing, Elocution will be conducted in SV Oriental College on 23rd of March while the competitions in Kavi Sammelan, Vantakalu and Sampradaya Vesha Dharana will be conducted to the participants at Mahati Auditorium on 31st March.

Among these competitions TTD women employees are given an exclusive chance to take part in “Telugu Vantakalu” for which the women can prepare their recipes at their house and present their recipes at Mahati Auditorium on March 31. A five-member committee of senior women officers of TTD comprising Special Grade Dy EO Smt Chenchu Lakshmi, DyEOs Smt Parvathi, Smt Jhansi Rani, Smt Varalakshmi and Smt Jesintha-HOD Home Science Department, SPW PG and Degree College will act as judges.

Meanwhile, the children of TTD employees who are aged below 12 years will take part in the “Traditional Fashion Dress Show” at Mahati Auditorium on March 31. The employees should give their names on or before March 21 to take part in elocution, Essay and quiz competitions while the last date for Kavi Sammelanam is on March 25 and for Telugu Vantakalu and Sampradaya Vesha Dharana is on 27th of March.

The special programmes will commence by 9.30am on March 31 with Panchanga Shravanam followed by messages by prominent speakers, distribution of Ugadi Pacchadi, Kavi Sammelanam, cultural programmes and prize giving ceremony to the winners of the Ugadi Competitions.


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