Tripura Bhairavi Pavitraropanam

Tripura Bhairavi Pavitraropanam (Tripura Bhairavi Pavitra Samarpana) is a ritual observed in Shravana Masam as per Telugu Panchangam. In 2018, Tripura Bhairavi Pavitraropanam date is August 14.

It falls on Shukla Paksha Chaturthi on Shravan Month. On this day, Goddess Tripura Bhairavi Dasamahavidya is worshipped by offering Pavitra (cotton threads). Pavitra Samarpana is a ritual observed throughout Shravana Masa for each God a day.

As per ancient Hindu texts, there are different bhavas of Pavitra. Kesri coloured Pavitra represents satvik bhava, white and red represents rajas bhava, green coloured is tamas bhava and sky blue is nirguna bhava.

On the same day, Ganesh Pavitraropana and Nag Chaturthi Upvaas is observed.

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