Trayodasi Shraddha, Kakbali, Balabholaniteras: Shraddh rituals to Children

Trayodasi Shraddha is the thirteenth day of Pitru Paksha. It is also known as Kakbali or Balabholaniteras as the dead children are offered Shraddh rituals and the food is offered to crows. In 2020, Trayodashi Shraddh date is September 15.

It is also dedicated to those who have died in accidents, natural disasters or sudden death. As it falls on Magha Nakshatra, it is also observed as Magha Shraddh.

Apart from the traditional sacred places for Shraddh tharpan rituals such as Varanasi, Haridwar, Rishikesh, Gaya, and Prayag, the best place to perform Trayodasi shraddh rituals is Perumagalur Temple in Tamil Nadu.

Best Places to perform Pitru Paksha Shraddh

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