Timing of Partial Lunar Eclipse August 2009 in England – Chandra Grahan Time August 2009 in England

Partial lunar eclipse will be visible in England and other countries of United Kingdom and other Europe countries. As per Hindu Jyotish, this Chandra Grahan is termed as Madhya Chaya Chandra Grahan (Shallow Penumbral Lunar Eclipse). In England, Chandra Grahan begins in late night on August 5 and continues till the early morning on August 6. But in other Europe countries like Germany and France the Grahan begins and ends in the early morning on August 6.

In England, cities like London, Birmingham, Liverpool, Leeds, Sheffield, Bristol, Manchester and in some other cities, Lunar Eclipse will begin at 11.oo in the night on August 5 and end at 2.15 in the early morning on August 6 in 2009.

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