Thyagaraja Keerthanas

Thyagaraja was an 18th century Saint,he was born in Tiruvarur, in a Brahmin family in Tamil Nadu, and he was a doyen in the Carnatic music field. Though he was offered lot of wealth by the kings, but he politely refused and lived a very simple life, and he used to even take alms (Unchavrithi) in the streets by singing Rama Bhajans. He was a great devotee of Lord Rama, and he has composed and sung lot of songs on him.His famous Keetanas are still being sung by the Carnatic Vocalists at the annual festival held at Tiruvaiyaru, and he is considered as the father of Carnatic music.

Some of his beautiful songs on Lord Rama as follows:-

Oh My Rama, don’t you have the interest to talk with me, are you interested only to talk with others? Please reply to me, since based on your reply, I would develop more and more bhakti on you, in order to converse with you.

Oh my Dear Rama, you are like my shadow, and you are following me in my each and every activity and you are supporting me a lot.

Oh Lord Rama, you are the great king in the Raghu Vamsa Clan, please teach me about the secret of keeping more bhakti on you.

Oh Lord Rama, you are only providing me sufficient food and you are my divine father and mother.

Oh Lord Rama, you are the king among the kings and you have to forgive me for the mistakes committed by me, and you have to consider me as your best devotee.

Oh Lord Rama, though others consider me as an expert in Hindu Scriptures, I want you to tell personally about my knowledge and about my qualities.

Oh my father Rama, I am considering you as my divine master and I am your slave, and I want to dwell with you permanently.

Oh my Dear Lord Rama. Please show your abundant mercy on your devotees, and try to relieve them from the ocean of life.

Oh Lord Rama, you are the head of the entire universe, and all other Devas are worshipping you and surrenders at your lotus feet. Your powers are immeasurable and unimaginable by us.

Oh Lord Rama, you have shown mercy even to Jayanta, son of Indra, when he has taken the form of a crow, and disturbed your beloved wife Ma Sita, but you are not showing your mercy on me?

Oh Rama, you look very handsome, and you are liked by everyone in this universe, and we can get lot of powers by chanting your Mantra.

Oh Lord Rama, you have given salvation even to the bird Jatayu, and from that incident, we can know, that how merciful he is towards his devotees.

Oh Rama, you have only incarnated as Lord Krishna in the previous Dwapara Yuga, and you have done lot of mischievous acts, and gave lot of spiritual energy to those who liked you.

Oh Lord Rama, I want to permanently dwell under your holy feet, even as a small dust particle.

Oh Lord Rama, you have shown lot of affection on your people, and that’s why you have taken all of them to the Vaikunta.


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