Theppotsavm in Triplicane Parthasarathy Temple, Chennai

Theppotsavam in Triplicane Parthasarathy Temple of Chennai is one of the major festivals celebrated at the temple. One of the 108 Diviaya Shetram of Lord Vishnu at Triplicane, Chennai in Tamil Nadu, the Lord Parthasarathy (Charioter for Arjuna) is known as Sri Venkatarishnan is in standing posture without any weapons along with Rukmani Thayar, brother Balaramar and the entire family in the garpagraham.  The Ustavar bears the mark of injuries sustained in the war held between Pandavas and Duryothana.

The thepostavam (Float festival) in the temple tank – pushkarani is now being held as per the details below daily at 6.30 p.m. The uthsavamoorthy with thayars are carried in the float.

21 February 2012: Lord Parthasarathy.

22 February 2012: Lord Parthasarathy.

23 February 2012: Lord Parthasarathy.

24 February 2012: Lord Narasimhar.

25 February 2012: Lord Ranganathar.

26 February 2012: Lord Ramar.

27 February 2012: Lord Gajendravaradar.

This annual feature is worth witnessing for the blessings of the Sri Vishnu in his avatars.

The above information is provided us by Sri KST Arasu. Hindupad is thanking him and wish he will throw more light on Hindupad about Hinduism updates.

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