Thanksgiving to the Almighty

We have to thank the almighty for giving this good life to us. We as human beings are having the capacity to read, write, think and perform our activities independently. Whereas other living beings cannot do like that. We are having the power to analyse the plus and minus in our life, and can decide on our own, and also we have the opportunity of reaching the place of the god after our death, by doing good things in our life.

Thanks giving must be done on a daily basis, since god is the main parent to us. Everybody is formed through his powers only. Similar to our parents, we must have to thank him for giving this human birth and for helping us to discharge our duties efficiently and effectively.

After getting up from the bed, we have to thank the almighty, for giving us a proper sleep in the night, and during our morning breakfast session, we have to thank him for giving the good food to us. Similarly before going to the job, and while performing our work in the office, and after returning from the office, we must have to thank him, for discharging our duties properly in our office, and for our safe journey. Before going to our bed in the night, we must have to thank him in advance, in order to get good dreams in our sleep.

Likewise, each and every moment, we have to thank him, and show our gratitude to him. People may belong to different religions or following different cultures, whatever may be, based on their belief, they have to thank the great god for leading a pious life.

Even those who are suffering from various diseases must seek god’s help for speedy recovery from their illness. Some people may think that they can worship or thank the god at their later stages of their life, but that is not correct, since our life can end at any time. Instead of postponing our selfless devotion and thanks giving to the almighty, we must have to start doing the noble act now itself.

Let us pray to the almighty for removing the CORONAVIRUS problems which prevails throughout the world, and let him bring happiness in the minds of millions and millions of people in the world.


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