Hindus disappointed at England church banning yoga

Hindus are disheartened over reported ban on yoga classes in the premises of St Mary’s Church Pilton (Barnstaple, Devon, England), a parish of the Church of England. Distinguished Hindu statesman Rajan Zed, in a statement in Nevada (USA) today, urged St Mary’s Vicar Dr Nigel Dilkes and Exeter Bishop Robert Atwell to show some maturity […]

Hindus ask Irish Bishop to educate himself about yoga benefits before banning in schools

Hindus are urging Alphonsus Cullinan, Roman Catholic Bishop of Waterford and Lismore in Ireland, to seriously look at the multiple benefits yoga offered, before denying it to students of 123 schools in his diocese. In a reported letter dated October 10 and addressed to “Principal, Teacher, staff member” of his schools in south-eastern Ireland, Cullinan […]

Hindus welcome Dublin Archdiocese for hosting yoga in Kilcullen Parish Centre

Hindus have commended Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Dublin (Ireland) and its Kilcullen Parish for hosting yoga classes in Kilcullen Parish Centre. These vinyasa flow yoga classes, suitable for all levels and everyone, will help participants strengthen, stretch, tone and relax; an announcement says. Janine Callaghan of This Is Yoga is the teacher. On her website, […]

Netherlands to train soldiers in Yoga


Hindus have welcomed Netherlands Ministry of Defense’s reported move to train their soldiers in yoga to effectively handle stressful situations and process traumatic experiences; and are urging all world military establishments to undertake yoga programs. Reports suggest that yoga teachers will train some Netherlands armed forces personnel to be yoga instructors with the goal that […]

Hindus welcome German football team adopting yoga

Hindus have welcomed world champion German national football team for reportedly incorporating yoga as a part of training in preparation for Euro 2016. It is expected that yoga will help the team in mental and physical relaxation and fitness, flexibility, concentration, performance, injury prevention, recovery after the game, stress management, etc.; reports suggest. Commending the […]