Why does Shanmukha (Karthikeya) have six heads?

Shanumkha (Kartikeya)

Why does Shanmukha (Karthikeya) have six heads? The story behind Kartikeya’s six heads… So that he can recite all the Shad Darshanas (six Hindu philosophies) at once. Six faces – this has a significance. We say, ‘The four directions’, North, South, East and West. Brahma has four faces, which means that, he gets knowledge from […]

Narayana Kavacham in Gujarati

Narayana Kavacham in Gujarati – Narayana Kavacham lyrics in Gujarati. Narayana Kavacham is a prayer dedicated to Lord Srimannarayana. It is taken from Srimad Bhagavatam 6.8.1-42. ન્યાસઃ% અંગન્યાસઃ ઓં ઓં પાદયોઃ નમઃ | ઓં નં જાનુનોઃ નમઃ | ઓં મોમ ઊર્વોઃ નમઃ | ઓં નામ ઉદરે નમઃ | ઓં રાં હૃદિ નમઃ | ઓં યમ ઉરસિ […]